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02/09/2003: Can I trust this to work?
02/06/2003: Bet the study was fun
02/03/2003: Portable analogue sounds
02/03/2003: Big cup of Java
02/02/2003: Cidade De Deus
02/01/2003: Feeling sheepish
02/01/2003: Click snap, click snap
01/30/2003: Old but cool hat?
01/30/2003: Reaching out from afar
01/28/2003: Jumped high enough, reward yourself
01/27/2003: Snip snap
01/25/2003: You have the choice
01/24/2003: Blogerreha
01/23/2003: A dangerous mind
01/21/2003: Your mind plays tricks on you when your body dozes off
01/20/2003: Brown with sticky stains
01/19/2003: You questioning my taste
01/19/2003: Shimmering grace full concrete angel dust
01/18/2003: A bit of loose change
01/17/2003: This is all I have
01/16/2003: Reflective screen
01/14/2003: I don't have any personality
01/14/2003: Your in a bad way and I've got some plans for you
01/13/2003: Straighten your back and muster some courage for life
01/12/2003: Rock and Roll lifestyle part 2
01/12/2003: Up down turn around, please don't le me hit the ground
01/10/2003: Rock and roll lifestyle
01/08/2003: See you in the Northern sky
01/06/2003: This time it's one degree too far
01/06/2003: The bell man says 'going down'
01/05/2003: Now we are full
01/04/2003: Nice and cold
01/03/2003: Musically I'm stupid.
01/02/2003: A spirited performance
01/02/2003: Buying panic
12/31/2002: Is this home?
12/28/2002: Last but not least
12/28/2002: Time to say goodbye again
12/24/2002: A life in review
12/23/2002: Blast this water and rubble
12/21/2002: Relatively speaking
12/20/2002: This is it...
12/20/2002: Last night, she said
12/19/2002: Don't bomb the bass
12/17/2002: Such thing as minimal multimedia?
12/16/2002: Cold, it's bloody freezing
12/14/2002: Wow and flutter
12/13/2002: I wish I was back in Bath
12/12/2002: Sound as a pound
12/10/2002: One down another to go
12/10/2002: Mac attack
12/07/2002: It's what's called self diagnosis
12/06/2002: A umbrellatin for a brain
12/05/2002: The darkest hour is just before dawn
12/04/2002: That man over there can be finished off
12/03/2002: Festivities maybe?!?
12/02/2002: I wish him well with his gift
12/01/2002: Apologies to the Guardian for nicking their great links
12/01/2002: ESP
11/30/2002: Pop goes the weasel
11/29/2002: Someone said a bad thing and went to hell
11/28/2002: Do you realise what I have done
11/27/2002: Come on sell it to me
11/25/2002: Gosh an update to the BMX Bandits website
11/25/2002: Insomnia day
11/23/2002: Long tall Sally, high and mighty
11/22/2002: Number crunching at it's worst
11/21/2002: Red sky at night
11/21/2002: Lack of sleep and thought
11/20/2002: Pop goes the monitor
11/19/2002: Let's get cool in the pool
11/18/2002: The after effects of late night gigs
11/17/2002: BMX-stasy
11/15/2002: If I could, if I could
11/14/2002: Hey jack, don't look back
11/13/2002: Lomotesting
11/12/2002: Multimedia, nothing to it
11/11/2002: I'm calling it my best move
11/10/2002: If it doesn't mean a thing
11/09/2002: What's going on?
11/07/2002: A big laughing heart
11/07/2002: Yesterday gubbins
11/05/2002: Whizz bangs
11/04/2002: Web anxiety
11/03/2002: Hoppy Holloween
11/02/2002: Does it rain up North?
11/01/2002: Show us the light and you can smile on me
10/31/2002: A certain sense of confidence?!?
10/30/2002: Ideas an apple for an idea.
10/29/2002: Utterly lacking in creativity
10/28/2002: Students eh
10/27/2002: You need to say 'hello' to maintain a relationship
10/25/2002: I love buses and mx
10/24/2002: Expertly done
10/24/2002: No shortage of effort to make an answer
10/23/2002: Lomo Online Shop Cover Marketing Expert
10/23/2002: I'm in the red
10/22/2002: Shake a leg it's wet and trembling
10/22/2002: Shake me down
10/19/2002: How come it's gone for so long?
10/18/2002: Just to be on the safe side
10/18/2002: Some test post
10/18/2002: Come again mister man
10/17/2002: Silly putty
10/17/2002: Well chew my gum
10/16/2002: He could never make them see
10/15/2002: His feet were left behind in the door
10/14/2002: Speak up my drooges, can yee not see with thy glassies
10/12/2002: Can you hear me?
10/10/2002: How can taste run backwards?
10/09/2002: Unusable usable stuff
10/08/2002: Somebody better get the door
10/07/2002: What are the options again?
10/06/2002: Sí Sí Señorita
10/05/2002: That's life
10/05/2002: Question, can you hear the sound they are making?
10/04/2002: Somebody left this morning on that morning train
10/03/2002: Hmmmm, hmm, hmm, hmmmmmm
10/02/2002: It's close, it's seems to be getting brighter
10/01/2002: The sun don't shine on me
09/30/2002: There was a particularly absurd scene one breakfast
09/29/2002: See the rivers filled with rain
09/27/2002: Lots going through my mind and my course hasn't started yet
09/26/2002: It's awfully lonely here
09/25/2002: The king of bring
09/24/2002: The smell of freshly baked bread in the morning
09/23/2002: Then what do you love, extraordinary stranger
09/22/2002: Sunday nonsence
09/21/2002: Let's come together
09/19/2002: Oh no, the smell of vinyl is creeping out
09/18/2002: It's so far yet so near
09/17/2002: Tuck in me lad
09/16/2002: I'm here in one piece
09/14/2002: There's a chance that he won't make it
09/13/2002: That'll give you a run for your money
09/12/2002: Find out about it, do it yourself
09/11/2002: Take it from me it was painful
09/09/2002: Does it say 'private' swimming pool!!!
09/07/2002: Volunteer for health and happiness
09/06/2002: Top banana penguins
09/04/2002: Drifts in the universe
09/03/2002: Private public swimming baths
09/02/2002: Height Of Modern Technology
08/29/2002: This is your Urbis
08/28/2002: Maybe we should build a rain man
08/27/2002: Could you get that toast for me?
08/26/2002: Cheeky Muppets
08/26/2002: Princess Mononoke
08/25/2002: Give Him A Great Big Kiss
08/23/2002: Vinyl for sale
08/23/2002: Jimmy your hair is on fire
08/22/2002: Standby for countdown
08/21/2002: Tape to Tape
08/20/2002: Just like a plastic bag
08/19/2002: Life at a different pace
08/18/2002: Watching paint dry.
08/17/2002: Burning Man-chester
08/16/2002: Get on your way boy
08/16/2002: Love it or leave it
08/15/2002: Radio playing
08/15/2002: The Greatest Feeling
08/14/2002: Your funny like that aren't you
08/13/2002: Don't Think - Just Shoot
08/13/2002: Working Holiday
10/18/2002: Aaaaaaaahhhh
10/18/2002: Come again mister man