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Standby for countdown
My final leaving do was very much a low key, low turnout, low antic affair. It was nice that some people did turn up including some old colleagues. My Wagamama fried rice was below par with my very own. I now realise that I am getting far too old for drinking sessions and know that I won't need to up my alcohol tolerance as I won't be able to afford more than two pints soon enough.

Two things I can't wait for - get my final pay and go up to Glasgow (my third favourite city in the world).

Link of today - 50 easy ways to save the planet - pretty sensible suggestions


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Sorry couldn't make it. I had to get back to Sheffield, trying to organise somewhere to live and my Girlfriend is going off to be a medic next week, so wanted to spend some time with her. Site looks good
Posted by Dom S @ 08/23/2002 01:14 PM GMT

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