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Your funny like that aren't you
it's been really humid in the office and so have the noise of the air conditioning unit behind me today. Not that it feels any better with it on. I hate air conditioning units as it dries my eyes out (not very good when wearing contact lenses), and they contribute to the already noisy office environment. I would like for more companies to adopt a more environmentally friendly attitude to office design/space. We have reams of paper churning out off the printer each day and I guess half of that is thrown away, not even into the recycle bin. So now if you think about the money wasted and then see we have a stationary ration in place at this moment in time, you'll soon see why we should have been careful in the first place. However we do have people reusing the their scrap paper which is good.

Sorted out a quick drink for my leaving do this week, bit last minute but I'm off to the Commonwealth games volunteer party on Friday which should be a laugh. Hopefully see some of my fellow GMEX Technology Support Assistants.

Haven't had the chance to go up to the Arndale today and see if the Flamenco/mime act couple have change their performance again. I'm think that they might have been on their way to the Edinburgh Festival but ran out money and stopped in Manchester instead.


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