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Could you get that toast for me?
Just spent the last hour trying to find my copy of the third Sparklehorse album It's A Wonderful Life. The way my CD's are not organised and the fact I had a promo version in a thin card sleeve meant it was a frustrating task. I cut my knee in the process. The problem is that I am continously doing it. I remember an album/record I would like to listen to and then spent half a day trying to find it, whilst thinking I'd probably lost it. The sense of relief after hunting it down is almost like finding a rare record you had wanted for a long time.

I am almost in state where I feel I am organised enough to move. Only a few kitchen utensils I require and the slapping of all my clothes into my lugganaut and that's that. Starting to feel sad about leaving Manchester but can't help smiling now and again about my new life that's just round the corner.

Pictures from the Commonwealth Games Volunteer Party up shortly. I'm starting to think my camera is playing up again but I think it's more to do with the ASA800 film I use.


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