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Just like a plastic bag
What an anti-climax the Commonwealth Games auction/tendering thing turned out to be. The number of lots had been drastically reduced due to the removal of most of the computer items. Anyway spotted a kettle and iron that I wouldn't mind having for when I move as long as it's cheap. All the tendering lots were all in huge quantities so if you wanted eight boxes of kitchen utensils, 60 torches, 20 chairs then that's okay. I pity the person who gets the huge lot of smart looking telephones only to realise that you might as well use a two tin cans and a piece of string.

Read a good interview with comedian Ross Noble who's Ross Noble Goes Global radio series had me in stiches. This guy is genuinely funny.

Just heard that Ireland have a tax on plastic bags and within six months there was a 90% reduction in their use. Now that's one tax I would like in this country. I like most people have plenty of plastic bags stuffed everywhere. I have for a long time tried not to get any plastic bags from shops for most things and keep reusing my bags. Some shops (I won't mention names) frown on you when you don't want a bag and go on about the security procedure and the like. Well I suppose they are only following procedure.


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