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Life at a different pace
My first full day with no work to to bother me. I had a lot of stuff to do and it was really strange catching buses late morning and mid afternoon. I quickly found out that the queues are less (except in the post office) and things are much cheaper as it's classed as off-peak. Swimming was a new experience with hardly anyone in the pool leaving me free to do my lengths in peace.

Spent a lot of time tidying and sorting out my room for the umpteenth time in the last few months in ready for my move down South. Each time I try to be ruthless but I am ultimately a hoarder of a lot of useless junk and collector of million clippings, snippets and various imagery. A tip for you to try, if you have loads of old magazines then go through them tearing things out to make collages just like you did at school except now with a little bit more coordination and organised chaos. Now I have to take all the papers and magazines down to the recycle bin.

I got my pictures back from Boots who try to charge me double. Anyway nice picture of the couple in the Arndale Centre from the other day.

buskers at Arndale Center

Currently listening to Skinny Ties and All, a compilation by Hova from WFMU. It was part of the Tchotchkes that I got for pledging a nice sum of money to this great freeform radio station, now if only they had a transmitter in the UK.


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nice pic
need more updates!
Posted by aamir @ 08/22/2002 08:21 PM GMT

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