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Don't Think - Just Shoot
Some of you may know that apart from listening to copious amounts of music I also like to take photographs with my Lomographic Camera. A batch of my photos have made it into a new book Don't Think*Just Shoot celebrating the Lomographic Camera. It's a hefty coffee table style book, but don't let that put you off, the style, colours and design using the contributed photos is just stunning.

That's enough of blowing my own trumpet. I'm currently listening to Madder Rose, still waiting in anticipation for the Mary Lorson album I've ordered.

Also a funny thing, when I registered with 'Is My Blog Hot Or Not?' my initial rating was 1.5, now after jut one vote of 7 by a colleague it popped up to 9.9! Now how on earth do they calculate the average score, their weightings must be mighty strange.


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