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Working Holiday
So only three and a half days to go till the end of working life for me, doesn't feel as if it's a drag as I'm building this blog up. A very clever Java applet in for form of The Alphabet Synthesis Machine as featured in last weeks Guardian. Just draw a squiggle and let it generate a permutation of an imaginary alphabet. It's actually quite addictive.

They've still not managed to paint over Portland Tower in Manchester. The yellow sided building with the Commonwealth Games logo might be a lasting reminder of what was one of the best sporting events ever. Although it's quite warm and the sun is out occasionally, I don't think that the Flamenco is something you see that often in Manchester, so it was a pleasant surprise to see a Spanish couple doing exactly that over on Market Street.

Well off to see if my bank appointment is delayed and stand in a long queue for half an hour.

I'm back and the bank changing account only took 5 minutes and a sticker change. The Falmenco couple have turned into a Marcel Marceau mime act, still nice though and makes a change from the Noel Gallagher wannabies.


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