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Burning Man-chester
It was a fun evening out at the Platt Fields Volunteer Party yesterday. I saw an old university friend that I haven't met for three years - Mark. Quickly got up to speed with what was happening in each others lives and competed in a Human Table Football competition (managed to get beat by a bunch of eight year olds). I was particularly bad as a striker fluffing numerous chances. Mark also flatten my friend Ali in a sumo wrestling competition, highly amusing. The only bad thing about the whole event was queueing for the food and then finding out you could either have chips, sausages and burgers, with everything else being sold out hours earlier. Didn't actually stay till the end for the fireworks and sort of regret it now, my brother said they had a burning effergy of Crew 2002 which I would have liked to have seen.

Anyway I think I have managed to find somewhere that is hotter than my old office, it's in Oxfam Supersavers where I volunteer on Saturdays. It's no wonder that we fell short of our target. People were frightened away by the humidity of the shop. There is also a bit of a volunteer crisis at the shop too, there doesn't seem to be many new volunteers to replace a the New Deal staff we have. So if any of you are based around Manchester and would like to volunteer at the Oldham Street Oxfam Supersaver, then please pop into the shop and see Hannah the shop manager.


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Heeeeeeell no sir-eee did I get flattened by Mark. Firstly the brotha cheated as he didnt give me a chance to get up when I had my back to him,, and secondly I let him win because i am nice guy.... Ed knows this but wont admit it.
Posted by Ali @ 08/19/2002 10:31 PM GMT

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