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You know when you sit on the bus on the way to work and watch life go by. Well I take pictures of those things. You know when you see some unusual graffiti on the wall. I take pictures of it. You know that pavement that you walk on everyday. I take pictures of that too. Those pretty lights, I take pictures of those too. In fact there are not many everyday things or objects I haven't tried taken pictures of using my Lomographic camera. Without requiring flash means that almost any situation is available as a photo opportunity without attracting attention or spoiling a picture. The unique lens makes the common highly usual. For the past three years I have carried my Lomo almost everywhere I go, I have managed to break it three times and mend it and now I've acquired my second Lomo camera and a Super Sampler.

This Russian product has gathered a worldwide following. The website with it's huge Lomo archive, online photo lab, unique shop and imaginative ideas makes it one of the most creative around. Lomographs have been used in a highly successful campaign to market Manchester. A book celebrating the Lomo by the London Lomo Embassy is published this year, it will I have been informed features some of my lomographs I have taken.

Nearly all the images on this website were taken with my Lomo.

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