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The Greatest Feeling
It's not what you think, although leaving your job in 48 hours to do something else is quite a good feeling in itself. What I mean is apart from the usual pleasures you get in life (sex, music, flapjacks, friendships not in order) there is one other thing that gives me a equally great feeling.

When I walk down the street I tend to drift off into a state of dreaminess, humming a tune (I know very dangerous, I have nearly been ran over). Sometimes I remember something that is mildy amusing or had a silly idea and smile to myself. When do smile I tend to have had a strange reaction from people walking towards me probably thinking I'm some weirdo (they usually cross to the other side of the road). Anyway surprisingly I have had people smile back at me (probably also people who are thinking I'm a weirdo, but then they'd be laughing at me). I usually don't pay much attention but some of those people had beautiful smiles (and faces) and I get an instant rush of inner happiness. It just feels good to be able to make someone smile, especially someone you don't know. Have you had the same experience?
ehr014 BMX Bandits - my farewell record on emma's house recordings

Another surprise, for only the fourth time ever in the history of my record label - emma's house recordings - I have not pressed enough records for a release. Anyway I only have 3 copies of the BMX Bandits record left. Now if only the distributors and record shops will pay up the money they own me.

Just had my exit interview which went quite well, hopefully it will change a few things for people still working here, but somehow I doubt it will make a blind bit of difference.


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