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ehr014 bmx bandits
limited edition 7" of 200 copies

Usually these pages are used to introduce the band and to some extent sell their sound and music them to you. However because the BMX Bandits have a special place in my life, this is going to a bit different.

When people ask me why I love the BMX Bandits I don't really have a prepared answer for them. Although I think I should, as I get asked that a lot mainly from people who don't know who the Bandits are. Certainly I like the songs they write and the real honesty/good natured ness of the band members. If I'm honest though as I grew up in my teenage years, their songs have at some point touched my heart and mind and helped my through a lot of difficult times...

You may still be asking who the Bandits are. If you want to read the full biog then you can read it here. If you can't be bothered, lets just say the BMX Bandits are one of the grandfathers of Glaswegian pop. The Bandits lineup has some point in their 17 year history included members of Teenage Fanclub, The Soup Dragons, Eugenius, Superstar, Belle and Sebastian, National Park and many others. Their songs are often described as rather twee and full of quirky melodies, but it's not always the case. Their biggest hit comes in the form of Serious Drugs, a beautiful song about taking anti-depressants. With Duglas working for the BBC, Francis running Shoeshine Records and the rest of the band working on side projects and working to make a living, it's surprising that the band still carries on but I'm glad it does.

It's been a long time since any new material has been released but they slowly putting togther a new album. Vinyl Japan will be releasing a BBC Sessions album this year too. The songs released here are a re-recorded version of Whirlpool from the C86 album and a Abba cover version destined for a Abba tribute album which never materialised. Both songs have never been released and Duglas says this version of Whirlpool is far superior to the original. If you've never heard of the BMX Bandits, this will be a great introduction. In the eight years that I have followed the band I have not once felt disillusioned with them, unlike so many others that started out so promising then becoming anything other than. As long as my BMX Bandits tattoo never fades, neither will my love for their songs.

Visit the Unofficial Tribute to the BMX Bandits, which funnily enough is also ran by me.

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'it's a group of unique, original vision which deserves appraisal on it's own terms and not be hidebound by preconception'
Brian Hogg (Editor of, 'All That Ever Mattered - The Guinness History of Rock & Pop')

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