BMX Bandits
The Amber Smith and Greenpeppers / Down At The Hop review / A new selection of Desert Island Discs for Duglas
Duglas ehr014 - BMX Bandits new release 7 inch record
A new release for the BMX Bandits on my very own record label. A very limited edition 7" single containing two previously unreleased gems from the vaults. A superior reworking of Whirlpool and a brilliant cover of Abba's Honey Honey. Unfortunately sold out. Found some surplus copies

Francis' Nice Man album out now.

The unoffical tribute to the BMX Bandits

A warm welcome to the first website dedicated to the Scottish pop stars the BMX Bandits. Lets be honest here, the site has been up and running since 1996 and has been through many incarnations. It has been neglected because of the real lack of news and the fact I have been busy earning a living so I have decided to change the format a little. What you will get here is a collection links and things to the archived pages gathered over the years to all things Bandit related. I recently went through most of the things on the website and plenty are out of date, but it remains as part of the history of the BMX Bandits. Have a look around. New news will appear occasionally but don't hold your breath.

Edward Jung

BMX Bandits

Apologies for the real bad design/colour schemes/spelling/inconsistency on most of these pages. I was learning then and now know it needs a major overhaul.
About this site - A few words of how this site came about and how I discovered the Bandits.
Albums - A list of albums released by the BMX Bandits with lyrics and chords.
BMX Bandits Chat - A chat with the BMX Bandits in 1998 with Sonicnet.
Discography - self explanatory, there's a few ommisions in there.
Links - various outdated links to pages of relative interest.
News - latest news and archived news of the Bandits' going on's.
What The World Needs Now - Burt Bacharach tribute album.
Desert Island Discs - Duglas chooses his favourite records for company. Updated!!!
Nice Man review - Francis' solo LP comes to take your heart for a ride.
Frankenstein - Duglas' debut solo album on Vinyl Japan.
Creation Family Tree - See how the Bandits evolved in this brilliant diagram.
Future Pilot AKA - An article on Sushil's solo project with the NME in 1997.
Green Grow The Rashes, O by Robert Burns - A full explaination of the song covered by the Bandits.
The History Of The BMX Bandits - From The Guinness History of Rock & Pop, a great primer to the essential Bandits.
Selected Lyrics - from various singles and albums.
Read a gig review and pictures - The Spitz gig Novemeber 2002.
Down At The Hop Review - They return after 7 years.
BMX Bandits On The Radio Review - A nice review by my friend Graham.
Thank you's - to many people who have made maintaining this site worthwhile.
Wise Words - sound snippets and the excellent documentary Bellshill Beat. Requires Realaudio.
The 53rd and 3rd Years - album colating rare tracks from the early years.
Profiles - short profile of each Bandit member.
Iconography - A mini gallery of images from singles/albums.
BMX Bandits Comic - that came with one of the early singles.
Pictures - a few photos of the Bandits and Speeder.
Poetry - make your own poetry.