Duglas Stewart Wise Words
Welcome to this new poptastic page(old if you seen this page a few years ago) dedicated to the wise words of Duglas T. Stewart. These are special moments captured from the BMX Bandits' tours around the world. I must take this chance to thank Paul Johnston for some of the sounds. You'll definitely find the sounds a memorable insight into the lives of the Bandits' frontman or maybe not. Anyway it's a bit of fun. Watch out for the Bellshill Beat documentary coming soon to this page.

All sounds are in Realaudio so you will need the Realplayer from Real. Have fun. If you have any problems accessing the sounds then e-mail me at bmxbandits[at]onoffonoff[dot]org.

Bellshill Beat
A great documentary on the Bellshill music scene

Shibuya Quattro Tokyo - 1994
Hello, we're the BMX Bandits... (20.5k)
An infamous intro to the band we love.
Oh, Finlay we love you... (51.8k)
A quick song about Finlay.
We love Kylie... (22.4k)
Duglas definitely does.
What a wonderful world... (77.3k)
An intro to a great song.
Thank you... (4.84k)
Thank you to the fans, and that includes you out there.
Virgin Megastore, Edinburgh - 1995
Goodbye Edinburgh... (24.4k)
Farewell to a great crowd.
Wilkie House Edinburgh - 1992
We do drugs... (81.2k)
Getting high on prescription drugs. May only sound funny to people of the UK.
So much love... (38.1k)
And so many beautiful love songs.
Funny face... (36.1k)
Do you know the film Funny Face with Audrey Hepburn?
I'm lonely man... (30.3k)
It's hard up there at the top.
Norman, would you like to come on stage? (38.1k)
I don't think he does.
WHSmiths the top record shop (126k)
Duglas kills vinyl and advertises WHSmith.
Earshot, radio show - 1995
That's what we're all about... (8.78k)
Duglas explains the BMX Bandits philosophy.
The new single is out now... (18.5k)
Or is it?

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