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01|01|11 It's been a while – final Emma's House Recordings giveaway

Happy New Year! Many years ago I started this label. It was really fun while it lasted and looking back I can see there were a few things I could have done better, but all in all I liked how things turned out.

I was doing another sort out over Christmas and well I found some unsold copies of the EHR records. I'm giving them away in bundles to the first people who want them. Only requirement is that you pay a small amount for the postage costs to where you are. Oh and that you don't mind if some of the sleeves are a bit tatty.

Records available – use links to hear samples

Record Giveaway

Approx postage: £1.00 in the UK / £1.50 in Europe / £2.00 for rest of the world. It's a bargain. Email me at edward[at]onoffonoff[dot]org with which ones you want and then you can send me payment via Paypal.

I do believe that there are some copies of the Malory 7" and La Nuit Americaine 7" too, but haven't located them so far.

All subject to availability and first come, first serve. I have more of some of the releases than others.

21|01|04 Lost and found BMX Bandits and Pico

An important update here, recently I've been doing a bit of a clearout and found some surplus copies of the BMX Bandits release and Pico release. As you may know they have been long sold out and the Pico track Chard was voted into the 2001 John Peel Festive Fifty. These are basically extra copies without any sleeves and just the record itself. They are not test pressings. If you want to buy them from me then see the mail order page. I am charging a £3 including postage to people in the UK and £3.50 everywhere else. Email me at emmashouse[at]onoffonoff[dot]org to reserve a copy.

27|07|03 it's been a while

Just a quick update to the site. I am no longer going to be getting my emails at 'info@emmashouse.net' as I don't see the point of wasting my money on domain name renewals. So the new contact email is emmashouse[at]onoffonoff[dot]org. I will also be accepting payment via PayPal through my email edward[at]onoffonoff[dot]org which should make it a lot easier for most people not in the UK. I'm still thinking of doing new things so keep an eye and ear out.

05|09|02 trading places

So this is finally it. Emma's House Recordings is stopped. It will take a bit to get used to it but my decision has sunk in properly. Hopefully the identity of the label will continue in people minds and get them thinking whenever they play one of the releases. The only thing that wasn't cleared up was that I didn't get the chance to release the String Builder EP, which was going to be excellent. No doubt there will be a home for it somewhere and I look forward to listening to it. Those of you who want to get records by mail order then you still are welcome to do so. It will be open until the releases go. Judging by the number I have left, that might be a while.

On another note I met Duglas T. Stewart of the BMX Bandits the other week when on my annual pilgrimage to Glasgow. He said that the record has gone down really well and it's even had airplay on the radio up there. So I guess that ends the label nicely.

One final massive thank you to everyone who has brought/listened to/played a release over the years. I hope in some way it has enriched your musical life. All the bands know how appreciative I have been for them letting me release a record by them even if the outcome was poor. All the best to the people who sent me demos, they were of a brilliant standard.

So all that remains for me to say is thank you once again and hope for you to continue supporting independent record labels. I'll see you around sometime possibly in another guise, take care and have fun.

23|08|02 cheap label

Since everywhere else is having a big sale, I'm going to join them. You can now get all of the records for a bargain price. I have even got back some copies of the Kimonophonic 10" that some people wanted.

Prices as follows including postage and packaging.

7" UK : £2.00 Europe : £2.50 Rest of the World : £3.00
10" UK : £3.00 Europe : £4.00 Rest of the World : £5.00

If you have the records already, let your friends know about the wonderful music that is being produced by the bands on emma's house recordings and they can sample the delights for cheap. This is almost like the asset stripping Commonwealth Games M2002 Ltd. If I get a decent offer for the records to be in safe hands I will be tempted. Just email me at emmashouse[at]onoffonoff[dot]org.

20|08|02 i heard that lone whistle blow

Wow the BMX Bandits are HOT, only three copies left of this gem remaining. So this is it almost the end of the label. I'm still a bit behind in terms of recalling all of my releases but I hope to have most of them back by the end of the month. I had one of the nicest letters about the label from Alistair Kelly the other day. I will scan it in and post it on the website later. If you are interested in what I am getting up to outside this record label then you can read my newly started weblog entitled Blogonblogoff (Edward Jung). It's not all interesting but if I decide on starting out new projects then that's where you'll here it first.

Also in my tidy up I found a four copies of the brilliant rare Angel Corpus Christi with Dean Wareham red 7" that was released yonks ago. If you want a copy then let me know and I'll reserve it for you. The mail order service will still be operating on a part time basis as and when required.

04|08|02 play the game on a small screen

The BMX Bandits release is ready and all the people in the know like it. I am hoping that this is the beginning of the BMX Bandits revival. It has been wonderful to hear that there are plenty of people who still appreciate them. Lots of the red sleeve versions are going, so you'll have to be quick if you want that one. I know I am going to miss the feeling of getting a new release out. Strange that once I let people know I am closing my record label down, I get more interest and demos than ever before.

Some of the sound samples haven't been working due to the server where the sounds are located being down for a while. It's the nature of the internet. I have been volunteering at the fabulous Commonwealth Games here in my home city of Manchester. A great experience and the people volunteering are really the best. We had the hottest and the wettest days here during the games which meant that the people forcasting the weather got it wrong by a few days and the games should have started a week earlier.

14|07|02 stacked up to the eyes in clippings and noise

Okay, after more bad luck with the postal service (yes I would pay more for better service, but not receive post before 9am), the record is getting pressed and I am sorting out the sleeves as we speak. There is going to be three versions of the sleeve in different colour schemes to suit your tastes and mood. A rather bright orange and blue swirl combination, red swirl and blue background, and finally light blue and red swirl combo. Bit like choosing wallpaper or paint at the DIY store. You can if you like look at the sleeve images here, please do bear in mind that the colours might be a shade different due to the way yur monitor displays them. Sound sample are now available too. If you order it from me, you can specify the combination you want, isn't that good.

As summer really arives in Manchester just in time for the Commonwealth Games, I await in anticipation the huge traffic jams into the city centre during the rush hour and hopefully see Manchester succeed in bringing a great Games to the world. Am I a bit biased? Well I have to be volunteering for them, wouldn't you say? Okay that was a bit off topic but I wanted to share that moment with you all. Oh and listen to some Stina Nordenstam, just rediscovered her after sorting out my records.

10|06|02 cool waves wash over me

Okay it's ready, I have finally been able to confirm the next release. It will be my favourite band in the world...ever. A wonderful BMX Bandits 7" will hopefully be ready for the beginning of July. This Scottish band has a great history spawning off a lot of fabulous bands and as you can probably tell I am estatic that they can release a record on the label. A reworking of Whirlpool and an Abba cover of Honey Honey will be on this double A side 7". Read more about it here.

With all this great news however comes some bad news. After this release I am not sure what the plan will be. Running the label has significantly drained my resources and ability to do other things. You might be asking why I would want to do other things running this great label, but unfortunately I seriously doubt that this label will move my life forward however much I enjoy doing it. It has always been run under a big hobby tent for me and I never wanted it to move into anything other because it would not have been what I started the label for. So after all that I guess what I wanted to say is that I will be stopping the label for longer than my usual pauses. When I settle into what I want to do then would I think about bringing the label back up. I might do things differently but I might not. Anyway I'll still be around to deal with mail order and it's not going to be a few months yet. So I leave final farewells and thank you's until then.

22|05|02 without special equipment or clothing

Another month goes by and I have still not yet resolved the next release issue. Yes I know I have been pretty unprepared for something like this but I in the process of moving house soon too. How come things like this all happen at the same time? Anyway I'll get the new address posted on the website soonish. There's a great review of the Malory single in Record Collector that you can read here. Also some of the releases are available from an American mail order company - Clairecords, soon to be called Tonevendor, you can get the releases from their website www.clairecords.com. Sorry for being vague and incoherent again, just a lot of things need to be sorted out.

20|04|02 i will wait until it all goes around with you inside

I was meant to be getting my act together and writing more frequently about the going's on with the label. However the String Builder setback has really caught me on the backfoot. I have been agonising over the next release which is not an easy decision. Luckily it seems to have been made for me as my favourite band of all time are (fingers crossed) getting together some tracks for me to release. Those people who know me will instantly know who the band are but I'm keeping it under wraps until I'm certain of the go ahead. Don't want to rise your hopes too high do we, but believe me they're good. For those of you still waiting to get your hands on the Malory single, it should be in shops soon, there was a terrible mix up at Cargo my distributors. The records have been sitting in the warehouse for a good few weeks.

It was my birthday the other day, a day I dread every year because I know I've not moved any further towards the things I want to do from the previous year. This past year has been no different, although this label is one thing I am proud off. A farewell to Earworm Records who are a great independent label due to close in the Summer. It will be sorely missed. I hope it's not going to start a trend in small labels folding.

Hope you've managed to get to the Anna Kashfi gigs. Okay that's all I've got to write about at the moment. News should be much better next time. Also I will be moving this website to a different server soon, so some early warning that your bookmarks will need updating.

27|03|02 boy i wish that balloon would come floating down

Again it's this is really unfortunate but String Builder are having problems recording the songs for the 10" that was meant to be due this Spring. The songs are more complicated than first thought and so the arrangement is taking much longer. This means that the release will probably not appear until much later on in the year. Sorry to all those of you who were looking forward to this release as much as I was. I'm trying my best at the moment to find something else that will fill the schedule in the meantime listening to past demos that bands have sent me and I've got a few ideas. You never know, if you've sent me a demo I might in contact soon. Keep your fingers crossed or toes or something.

If you've not discovered the past releases then do have a browse around the releases pages. Oh and some of you have asked the Anna Kashfi Liverpool gig starts 3pm at Masque(which I've been informed is a venue and not a record shop), Anna Kashfi should be onstage about 4pm.

09|03|02 couldn't even see the water right in front of you

Hello, how you all doing? Anybody miss these little bits of news that aren't really that riveting? Thought not. Anyway hope everybody is keeping their heads up, for me I've been have a struggle trying to keep my full time job from affecting this label but I haven't been that successful in doing so hence the lack of going's on. Good news is that the highly anticipated Malory release is now available. Should have happened last year but compilcations meant it was delayed. Two superb heavenly songs. Remember to play LOUD. Get it from me using the mail order form.

Anna Kashfi are playing some free live performances at two record shops - Pop Art record shop in Withington and at the Masque in Liverpool - on 20th April. They are putting together a free CD with bonus tracks if you buy the Philokalia 10" from them. Philokalia is well worth it anyway but the free bonus tracks will make it essential if you've not got it already and they are wonderful live too. More details nearer the time. Just to remind you all that the La Nuit Américaine is now available too. Right hopefully I'll be able to sort my own head out and come back soon more focused. Thanks to everyone who have emailed me regarding the label with words of encouragment, it's much appreciated and very nice of you all.

Oops forgot to say that the sleeve for the Malory release is my favourite yet, that's not to say the others were bad. The Malory cover for me works really well with the textured card and a black/ivory contrast. Well hope you all like it as much as I do.

14|02|02 out of the loop into the sky

Just a few words this time around, Anna Kashfi has been receiving some great reviews in the UK and has had radio play in Germany too. Most of the reviews are now on a lovely new section entitled 'what they say' which replaces the old press page. Most of reviews for each release have been gathered together plus links to places that still have the records etc. Take a look now if you like. The Malory release is getting put together as we speak and the String Builder release will be delayed for a few more weeks, so expect that at the end of April. Hope you're all having or had a wonderful Valentines Day whether by yourself or with someone special. Take care and remember to let music touch your heart.

03|02|02 talk about a mary going crazy at the grocery store

Hello again to another exciting update if record releases are what keeps you up at night. The Malory single has been sent off to the record pressers and should be on target for a end of February release. The Anna Kashfi single has been doing well, John Peel played 'Farewell Song' a few weeks ago which was very nice of him. In the latest edition of Record Collector you will see that they proclaim the Philokalia single as 'one of best singles of the year so far'. You can't say fairer than that, so if you haven't got your skates on getting this release then you better do so. I'm pleased to announce the next release after Malory will be from String Builder who are from Providence, Rhode Island in the US. They had a fabulous debut album last year and are putting together 4 tracks of old and new material for release on a 10". I hope you are looking forward to these releases as I am. Quick thank you to the bands who have sent me demos, some very good material in there. Hang on and the breakthrough will follow.

18|01|02 get off your horse and jam

The Anna Kashfi 10" has been getting more deserved great reviews. Latest being the one from Pennyblackmusic's e-zine which also features reviews of Tuna and La Nuit Américaine. If you haven't listened to them you can get a feel of their style from the sound samples on the info page. Cargo should be distributing it now so you should be able to ask for it at your local independent. Latest news regarding the much delayed Malory release. I am now in posession of the master and the songs are pure angelic, you can listen to a the samples on the ehr008 info page and read more about the release. I'm hoping the release will be at the end of February. Thanks for your patience on that one. The La Nuit Américaine release is also reviewed in the current issue of City Life. I am going to have to revamp the press page to stop it from turning into a mess. Remember if you like what you hear, go and tell your friends about it and support the independents.

04|01|02 you can't bank on this

Quick one this, I've just found out that my bank has started charging me to cash Eurocheques, so from now on I will not be accepting Eurocheques as a form of payment. Sorry to the European customers, you will have to find some other way of paying for records. Alternately, you could pay by credit card from many online stores like Pennyblackmusic.com. See the releases page for a list of stockists. I know it is a hassle but unless you want to pay extra to cover the charges that's the way it's going to be. Crap banking corporations for you. I don't really understand why there is a charge as the money is already in pounds anyway. I suppose being in single currency market will get rid of these silly issues. I might have to start sticking prices in €'s.

01|01|02 unauthorised photography is not permitted in the galleries

Happy New Year to all the followers out there if there are any. A cracking end to the year after 'Chard' by Pico was voted into the John Peel Festive Fifty at you guessed it number 50. Quite unbelivable really. John thought it was a demo, but it was released on the label and snapped up in double quick time. See the full Festive Fifty. Number 1 was Melys with the cracking 'Chinese Whispers'. Congratulations to Lianne and thanks to Lianne for letting me release a single by Pico and all the people who voted for it. Anyway hope the festivities haven't taken too much of a toll on you. I was busy working hard at my full time job and putting finishing touches to the next release which is a superb 7" by La Nuit Américaine. Go to the releases page if you haven't listened to the samples already. It should be available in a few weeks time and you can pre-order it from the order form.

Hopefully this year will also be as good for the label and more bands that have released records get noticed. Remember you can let me know what you think of the label and my direction through the info on the contact page. Thank you muchly, more exciting adventures can be found shortly.

07|12|01 unlike love this is something stupid

More Anna Kashfi news, losingtoday.com has put Three Wise Men as no.1 in their fortnightly chart. Americana-UK has a great review in the homegrown section too. For those of you who know about the excellent magazine Comes With A Smile, there is going to be a review in that too. Again it's available from me, see the mail order page, if you are quick I should be able to get it to you in time for Christmas, otherwise it will be waiting for after the New Year due to the high risk of things getting lost or delayed.

As promised here's my list of favourite albums/singles/tracks that I've heard this year, so it could be that they weren't released this year. I didn't include any from the label as it seemed a bit unfair as I like every one of my releases in their own right.

  • Kelly Hogan & The Pine Valley Cosmonauts - Beneath The Country Underdog (personally I think this is better than her new album)
  • The White Stripes - De Stijl (again I think is better than White Blood Cells)
  • David Tyack/DOT - Am Deister/with Richard Tomlinson & Naomi Hart/Across Shawcroft (David Tyack, only one word for him 'genius', absolutely brilliant)
  • Ko & The Knockouts - Black And Blue (Can't wait to listen to their debut album)
  • Ballboy - I've Got Pictures Of You In Your Underwear (with a title like that, you can't go much wrong can you)
  • The West Coast Experimental Pop Band - Part One (musicians gone crazy and back again)
  • Stereolab - Moodles (so great to hear from you again)
  • Stringbuilder - s/t (super dooper loviness in acousticity)
  • Amores Perros Soundtrack (great film and excellent soundtrack to match)
  • Future Pilot AKA - Tiny Waves Mighty Sea (and what mightiness has Sushil come up with too)
  • Low - Dinosaur Act Video (Exact opposite of the song, but perfect)
  • Camera Obscura - Eighties Fan (bliss)
  • Greasy Kid's Stuff - WFMU (great radio show from the East Coast, just right for Saturday singalongs)
There are a few others, but I've forgotten the names and it would probably take up another page to write out. Finally, my special thanks to all the bands who let me release their fabulous music on my label and for those of you who have given me support and brought the records. Also those of you who have sent me demos to listen. Have a great Christmas and New Year holiday whatever you are doing. See you in the New Year.

01|12|01 huge venn diagram to get close

It's not funny that all the days are being taken from right underneath my nose. Too much to do yet so little time. With Christmas coming doubly quick this year I'm rushing to get the Anna Kashfi release ready before you go for the pudding. It's nearly there and the white vinyl is quite marvellous. If you fancy it, you can go to losingtoday.com and read the first review and also read reviews of the Kimonophonic 10" too. You can purchase it directly from me using the mail order form. I've put up a new page which has pictures of all the sleeve designs for you to look at and possibly critique over. You may have noticed none of the designs were featured on each of the release information pages. This was because the sleeves are all hand made or customised and I don't have a big scanner to put pictures of them on the page. Anyway the sleeves were always changing up until the point I was making them so it didn't make sense to put up a misrepresentation. Hope you like it.

In the next bit of news I will also be putting a list of my favorite tracks/releases that I've heard this year, as is the norm with every magazine/ezine in the world. Bet you can't wait can't you. A last note, Pico are doing a John Peel session this Thursday on the 6th, be sure to listen. You can listen via the Web from this link and while you are at it you can vote in the Festive Fifty, putting a release from the label in there would be good if you enjoyed them. Catch you all later.