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emma's house recordings
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ehr001 sunday best and dressed to kill the afternoon   ehr002 you'll find me walking on some far out horizon   ehr003 when time had no more answers
the workhouse  leslies  kimonophonic 
ehr004 i've looked and found and lost and started over   releases
Click on a release for information, contacts and sound samples. All releases are available via mail order from me, print out an order form and send to me. Read the latest news for release dates. Distribution by Cargo. Alternatively you can buy releases from the following nice people:
angel corpus christi 
ehr005 i had everything i needed in my own back yard, but now i have nothing
ehr006 one day we'll find the moment to say we're sorry ehr007 you placed a string of lies around this heart of mine   records for boys and girls
the workhouse  pico 
ehr008 everything is basically the same as the day before   ehr009 your delicious mind dressed in white   ehr010 what happens next is a coincidence that will never let go of the past
malory  tuna  kimonophonic 
ehr011 roll truck roll   ehr012 grasp the inner edge of the rolled tube   ehr013 well it seems like everything is business
anna kashfi  la nuit américaine  string builder 
ehr014 who says time waits for no one   ehr015 a brave face will undoubtedly be needed   ehr016 stimble through a corridor of unlimited change
the bmx bandits  tba  tba 
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