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ehr003 kimonophonic
limited edition of 200 copies Hailing from Canada, Justin Armstrong under the name Kimonophonic makes brilliant synthesizer music for our everyday lives. Recording everything on a 4-track in his own living room, his music is totally engaging.

Justin describes his aim 'is to make music for driving your car, eating and other daily activities. I am very interested in using analog synthesizers and other electronics to create neat little melodic sound scapes and pop music'. He is influenced by everything from bluegrass and bossa nova to Kraftwork and Stereolab. Justin feels like his music is a sort of neo-futurism. 'I want to make tomorrow's music with yesterdays technology. I have never bought any instrument new, only second hand from junk shops and pawn shops' he continues. Overall he sums his own music up as 'essentially...minimal electrified pop made up of loops, blips, bleeps and drifting oscillators'.

This is Kimonophonic's fifth release. Hopefully we will be releasing more by Kimonophonic in the near future. You can contact Justin at kimonophonic@hotmail.com.

  1 track on 'The Tell Tale Signs Of Earworm' compilation
  1 track on Earworm Japanese sampler 7"
  Shumyat 4 track 7" on Earworm
  10 track CD-R on Queen Nymphet Ltd.

All releases will be available at selected record stores and by mail order. Please e-mail emmashouse[at]onoffonoff[dot]org for details.

Justin Armstrong

'I want to make tomorrow's music with yesterdays technology'

emma's house recordings
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