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emma's house recordings
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Emma's House Recordings started out as a dream a few years ago when I was starting to get bored and restless with my own life, not knowing what to do as a career after university started it all off I think. The basic idea was to release records by bands that I liked. It was as simple as that. Then the usual aspects got in the way, huge debt, lack of contacts, exams. So I went to America had the time of my life and forgot about it. In actual fact, my trip probably reinforced my ambition to start up a record label but it's not been until recently that I've been able to seriously put the time and effort to turn it into a reality.

I'm not in the business of signing bands, what I am doing is getting bands I like to release limited edition 7" singles (100 - 200 copies with hand made sleeves). This is in part due to the limited budget I have, but also because I admire the creativity that goes into something you do yourself.

If you are interested in releasing something through my label, just want to know more about the label or want to send me some comments about releases then don't hesitate to e-mail me at emmashouse[at]onoffonoff[dot]org.

Edward Jung

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emma's house recordings
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