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emma's house recordings
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ehr012 la nuit américaine
limited edition 7" of 200 copies on orange vinyl

La Nuit Américaine was born in 1999 following the split of Italian group My Blue Dome. It is essentially Christians own personal experiemental project, but he has enlisted a few of his friends to play additional instruments namely Teresa on violin.

'La Nuit Américaine' comes from the term for a special cinematographic effect, a particular filter put on the camera permits the director to shoot a scene during the day which obtains a night effect. This is so I am told by Christian. The light and shade are the basic principles that are applied to his music and lyrics, '...where sounds and words run after each other searching for a momentary balance'.

The effect is a captivating mix of instrumentals creating a great atmospheric presence to stunning effect offset by sometimes rough vocals that are dark and eerie reminiscent of Arab Strap and Nick Cave. He has released a ep and a France only album called 'Serenadze' and there is a live album due to be released next year on Hinah Records. 'Blue In The Mist' is a new song and the original version of 'A Certain Goobye' appears on the Serenadze album, the version for this release is distinctly different. The release should be available from January 2002. This will be LNA's first proper UK release.

Christian is currently working on music for contemporary dance essays, and soundtracks for short films. You can visit Christians website at http://www.lanuitamericaine.com/.

All releases will be available at selected record stores and by mail order. Please e-mail emmashouse[at]onoffonoff[dot]org for details.

'There is nothing else in my life, except for what is inside those tracks and lyrics'
Christian Govoni

emma's house recordings
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