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ehr002 leslies
limited edition of 200 copies

Formed in 1993 in Sweden. Leslies signed a record deal a few years later when whilst recording their demo with Tore Johansson (the Cardigans producer) Harry Lime Records heard some of their material. Their debut album 'Totally Brilliant' was produced by Tore and is full of catchy melodic pop tunes. For their second album they decided to produce themselves and the result 'Of Today - For Today' is '...a record with more edges but still the melodies were there...'. Influenced by broad range of music from The Smiths to Metalica and Radiohead has contributed to their "lesliessound".

The songs released on this single are taken from their two albums, 'Mistaken' is from the first album with 'The Lime Song' and 'Blue Suede Shirt' from the second. With simple lyrics based on the classic themes of love and Boy wanting Girl, these songs have a certain style about them that make you want more.

Pop music lets go...

You can contact leslies at tony.ivarsson@swipnet.se.

  Totally Brilliant (HLR 962)
  Of Today - For Today (HLR 975)
  Of Today - For Today (Jigsaw Records), a re-release of the second album in America, includes a great version of 'Tainted Love' hidden at the end of the album .

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'...the melodies is what matters to the leslies'

emma's house recordings
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