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emma's house recordings
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ehr009 Tuna
limited edition 7" of 200 copies

Based in Seigen, German, Tuna were formed in 1998. Markus and Katha had formed The Castafoire with a few others but that was shortlived and became Tuna. Katha plays guitar and is the voice behind Tuna, Markus plays guitar, Denis plays drums and Florian was the bass player. There were interruptions here and there but after three months Florian concentrated more and more on his electronic project Stella Maris and left after six months. Although a sad loss even though he never learnt to play bass, they continued to write and play and recruited Falko as the replacement. Their influences come from Pale Saints, Slowdive, The Smiths, Sarah Records and others, and even from hardcore too (though less of that).

Being a democratic band they all have to love each song 100% before they consider playing it to anyone else. Their first demo recorded in 2000 with Florian is absolutely stunning. The energy and emotion put into the songs, combined with the wonderful voice of Katha, rocking and catchy instrumentals makes for some stunning songs.

Tiny Tiger takes on board a combination of rock action which has delicate softness to it. Graveyard is catchy, short, straight to the point and once it's finished you'll want to put it back on again and again.

All releases will be available at selected record stores and by mail order. Please e-mail emmashouse[at]onoffonoff[dot]org for details.


'gentle melancholy
and storms of guitars united on a heavely ep'

the demo EP

'the mood is one of pure glacial pop romanticsim a la Smiths tinged with the Sugarcubes' soul-caressing vocals'
City Life

emma's house recordings
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