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ehr005 krayola/gillespie
limited edition of 200 copies

Krayola and Gillespie both involve James Davidson, a man who has dabbled with the rock and roll lifestyle over a number of years, most notably with North Wales indie band 'Red Drum Head' and claims of being in 'Queens Of The Stone Age', '...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of The Dead' and 'At The Drive In'. After leaving 'Red Drum Head' he has gone on to staring in and writing a series of spoof documentary shorts for BBC Choice Wales, rediscovered his love for rock 'n' roll whilst maintaining his love for hip-hop, indie and 70ís psychedlia plus not to mention forming his own label. Krayola is James' personal project, and whilst early demos were very 'breaks' orientated, they soon developed into more experimental ventures with a very eclectic musical style.

Gillespie on the other hand is James and Brian Laing (who has his own project Barry Spex). Having been making music together for the last nine years(in 'Red Drum Head' and others), they formed a partnership in order to mix the indie melody of Barry Spex with Krayola's more experimental offerings.

Listen to their songs and you'll gather an array of influences bringing into it an emotional, experimental and cinematic feel. 'Book Of The Dead' is by Krayola and 'Anna's Song' by Gillespie. Two fabulous projects that really do deserve your attention.

You can visit James at his Krayola website, find out more about Gillespie via James' own label Loading Records at Loading Records.

All releases will be available at selected record stores and by mail order. Please e-mail emmashouse[at]onoffonoff[dot]org for details.

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'Gillespie aren't interested in being eclectic and cool... we can leave that to Krayola'

emma's house recordings
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