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emma's house recordings
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ehr004 Angel Corpus Christi
limited edition of 200 copies

San-Francisco based Accordionist Angel Corpus Christi, has been releasing her own songs recorded on 2,4 and 8 track machines since the early 90's with inspirations from her close surroundings (the California coastline, newsclips from CNN and the films of John Cassavetes) and much as from the music of the Fall and Velvet Underground. She has covered many classic songs in her own unique manner including a fabulous version of 'Je t'aime', she even plays on Spiritualized's 'Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space'.

Her major debut label release 'White Courtesy Phone' in 1995, was widely applauded. One reviewer described the album '...each track a call on the White Courtesy Phone from her house to yours, a 900 number from deep in the soul. Dial with a smile'.

The two track single features a friend of the band Dean Wareham (of Galaxie 500 and Luna). He plays guitar on 'You' and mixed the song, while 'I Want Everything' is a cover of a Luna song. Both songs perfectly match each other with their slow mellow sounds.

The ACC band features Rich Stim on guitar, George Earth on bass and Dave Mahoney on drums.

Visit the excellent Angel Corpus Christi website.

All releases will be available at selected record stores and by mail order. Please e-mail emmashouse[at]onoffonoff[dot]org for details.


'she sings with an arch of triumph, a sensibility keen and unsullied by the knowledge of life's inner glissando'

emma's house recordings
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