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09|12|2000 i paid for the party

The Leslies release comes just in time for Christmas, I've spent the last few days just packing records into their sleeves. It made me think of last year when I went to the Motown Museum and was shown around the birthplace of Motown Records, all the records were hand packed in Berry Gordy's living room by the singers and musicians. Not very glamourous but I like to think every record label had to start like that. Anyway three fabulous songs for you all pressed on a very nice green vinyl, available from the usual outlets, see the Leslies page for samples and information.

Final words for this year, thanks to all of you out there who have brought any of the releases, the bands and musicians for letting me release their wonderful material and all those who have given me words of support and wisdom. Have a unique Christmas and New Year whatever you are doing. Oh one more thing since everyone does this, favourite bits of music of the year Laura Cantrell's Not The Trembin' Kind - country music never sounded better, only just beating Dave Godin's Deep Soul Treasures Volume 3 which is just pure bliss.

24|11|2000 and finally...

A little bit of news to keep you going until the Leslies release arrives, which should be any day now. The first single of the new year will be from Angel Corpus Christi with Dean Wareham(Luna and Galaxie 500) also playing and mixing tracks. Two excellent tunes which should be available January/February time. You will find a link from the releases page with more info. The Kimonophonic single gets a mention in Manchester's City Life magazine -

'it's minimal but melodic Electro pop, bleeping and blipping it's way through three minutes. 'My Oldest Phone' is a little too sparse, but despite the basic percussion, 'Punk Rock Systemz' cruises along the autobahn nicely'.
In the meantime if you're bored go to WFMU and listen to their brilliant shows live.

20|10|2000 it's a different world inside here

Within a space of a few weeks I've managed to get my act together and get the second release on the label complete. The single by Kimonophonic is currently available from Rough Trade of London, Piccadilly Records of Manchester and Norman Records of Leeds. You have a choice of purchasing online or direct from the shops or you get it from me (see mail order section). I've had a good response with The Workhouse single and have limited supplies of the 7" left, so if you want one before they get big you better be quick.

The two track single by Kimonophonic features brilliant synthesizer tunes and other electronics, simple yet engaging in every manner. Listen to what tommorrow's music made with yesterday's technology will sound like now. The Leslies single is planned for the end of November after which there will be a break before I release a couple of singles by some very special guests.

09|10|2000 sounding out

A few of you are having problems with the sound samples, so I've moved them to a different server which should cause you less trouble. You can save the audio clips to your computer by right clicking the sound sample link and choosing 'Save Link As'.

The Workhouse single is now properly released, you can purchase the single at a few outlets including Rough Trade and online shop Norman Records. Over half the singles have already been sold, if you are having trouble locating it the best bet is to order from me (see mail order section). The first review of the single comes from City Life who got a bit confused and decided that The Workhouse are from Audenshaw which is actually where the label is based. It describes them as 'delicate minialism in a less than traditional manner', 'Peacon' is highly praised as 'quirky ambience and crytsalline air of atmosphere enough to penetrate even the most ardent cynic'.

There's been a bit of a mix up on my behalf and I'll be releasing the Kimonophonic single at the end of October hopefully instead of the Leslies single. The cover will be in the form of a envelope-style sleeve. Again only 200 copies available. The Leslies single will be released in November/December dependant on times from the pressing plant and will be on green vinyl.

I'm getting together the bands for releases next year and will tell you as soon as I confirm them.

05|09|2000 it's finally here

After months in the pipeline, the first release is finally here. Straight out of Nashville and into Manchester. The cracking 7" by The Workhouse is available direct from me (see mail order section) and should be in Piccadilly Records in Manchester from 11th September, although the official release date is still a month away. I am looking at various distribution deals so that you should hopefully be able to purchase the single using your credit card online. Only 200 of these singles are available, each with a unique hand made sleeve featuring photos taken with a Lomographic camera.

Anyway the second and third singles are coming soon. Look at the releases page to listen to Real Audio samples of forthcoming releases.