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07|12|01 unlike love this is something stupid

More Anna Kashfi news, losingtoday.com has put Three Wise Men as no.1 in their fortnightly chart. Americana-UK has a great review in the homegrown section too. For those of you who know about the excellent magazine Comes With A Smile, there is going to be a review in that too. Again it's available from me, see the mail order page, if you are quick I should be able to get it to you in time for Christmas, otherwise it will be waiting for after the New Year due to the high risk of things getting lost or delayed.

As promised here's my list of favourite albums/singles/tracks that I've heard this year, so it could be that they weren't released this year. I didn't include any from the label as it seemed a bit unfair as I like every one of my releases in their own right.

  • Kelly Hogan & The Pine Valley Cosmonauts - Beneath The Country Underdog (personally I think this is better than her new album)
  • The White Stripes - De Stijl (again I think is better than White Blood Cells)
  • David Tyack/DOT - Am Deister/with Richard Tomlinson & Naomi Hart/Across Shawcroft (David Tyack, only one word for him 'genius', absolutely brilliant)
  • Ko & The Knockouts - Black And Blue (Can't wait to listen to their debut album)
  • Ballboy - I've Got Pictures Of You In Your Underwear (with a title like that, you can't go much wrong can you)
  • The West Coast Experimental Pop Band - Part One (musicians gone crazy and back again)
  • Stereolab - Moodles (so great to hear from you again)
  • Stringbuilder - s/t (super dooper loviness in acousticity)
  • Amores Perros Soundtrack (great film and excellent soundtrack to match)
  • Future Pilot AKA - Tiny Waves Mighty Sea (and what mightiness has Sushil come up with too)
  • Low - Dinosaur Act Video (Exact opposite of the song, but perfect)
  • Camera Obscura - Eighties Fan (bliss)
  • Greasy Kid's Stuff - WFMU (great radio show from the East Coast, just right for Saturday singalongs)
There are a gfew others, but I've forgotten the names and it would probably take up another page to write out. Finally, my special thanks to all the bands who let me release their fabulous music on my label and for those of you who have given me support and brought the records. Also those of you who have sent me demos to listen. Have a great Christmas and New Year holiday whatever you are doing. See you in the New Year.

01|12|01 huge venn diagram to get close

It's not funny that all the days are being taken from right underneath my nose. Too much to do yet so little time. With Christmas coming doubly quick this year I'm rushing to get the Anna Kashfi release ready before you go for the pudding. It's nearly there and the white vinyl is quite marvellous. If you fancy it, you can go to losingtoday.com and read the first review and also read reviews of the Kimonophonic 10" too. You can purchase it directly from me using the mail order form. I've put up a new page which has pictures of all the sleeve designs for you to look at and possibly critique over. You may have noticed none of the designs were featured on each of the release information pages. This was because the sleeves are all hand made or customised and I don't have a big scanner to put pictures of them on the page. Anyway the sleeves were always changing up until the point I was making them so it didn't make sense to put up a misrepresentation. Hope you like it.

In the next bit of news I will also be putting a list of my favorite tracks/releases that I've heard this year, as is the norm with every magazine/ezine in the world. Bet you can't wait can't you. A last note, Pico are doing a John Peel session this Thursday on the 6th, be sure to listen. You can listen via the Web from this link and while you are at it you can vote in the Festive Fifty, putting a release from the label in there would be good if you enjoyed them. Catch you all later.

11|11|01 i ain't superstitious but a black cat crossed my trail

What can this mean? Nothing much I hope. Anyway the Anna Kashfi looks on course for a mid December release, hopefully just before Christmas week. I've added some sound samples for some of the tracks for you to listen to. I'va also added some La Nuit Americaine samples from the forthcoming single. This is due sometime in January. Malory have let me know that they've decided to record an exclusive track for the 7" and have one track from their forthcoming album, as such the single might not be out for a while, I personally can't wait. My label has always taken pride in the fact that it tries to release as diverse range of music as possible from across the world. Okay I've not reached every genre as yet and may never do so but I'm trying my best. Personally I'm really excited about the forthcoming releases and you'd be silly not to dip your toes in just because it's not the type of music you normally listen to. Go on you know you want to.

20|10|01 all the lights to see through

After much personal debate on the future of the label (yes I have been having arguments with myself in my head which have been driving me up the wall), I've decided to keep it going. It's been hard balancing the label with my day job and sometimes things have suffered, so continuing on from before I will be running the label with less haste and hopefully things will tick over as usual. The quality of releases will hopefully still be of the same high standard which I hope you'll keep on enjoying. Okay onto the good news, slowly working my way around the world with this label, early next year will see a release by La Nuit Americaine, a solo project in Italy. More details to arrive soon. There is some information on Anna Kashfi available here, I will place sound clips once the masters have arrived, it's going to be a white vinyl release this time, maybe in time for December.

05|10|01 why leave the comfort of your loudspeaker?

More good reviews, this time from American magazine Losing Today. Look at the reviews page for the reviews of Kimonphonic and Krayola/Gillespie. The website rather good and is worth a look. Also I forgot to mention that the Kimonphonic website is revamped once again by Justin, so go and visit. As far as future releases go I will be releasing one more record this year by the fabulous Manchester based Anna Kashfi. A great alt-country duo writing songs which remind me of Mazzy Star, Sparklehorse with some great instrumentation. A page will be up fairly soon. The Malory single will be delayed until next year.

15|09|01 miss american bye

The Kimonophonic 10" has arrived and it's been blipping and bleeping around on my record player. A really enjoyable single for those of you who like electonica synth. Listen to the sound samples and read more info on the releases page. For those of you who don't have the first Kimonophonic release on the label, you can purchase the first release and this new 6-track EP together and deduct 1GBP from the total price. See the mail order form for details.

Other news, there's a great review of the Tuna single in September's issue of Record Collector which will appear on the 'what they say' page fairly soon. Those still looking for older singles like the Angel Corpus Christi and Leslies releases could try Penny Black Music, who have a few of the singles available. The world isn't feeling too good at the moment, and neither is my day job(which fund the label) so I'll be easing off the release schedule a little in order to give time to sort out a few things. Nothing's changing just reducing the pace a bit that's all.

24|08|01 tin plate & plastic, battery operated, two speeds, moving arms

After the inital disappointment on the quality of the Workhouse 10" lathe cut record, a quality black vinyl repress is now available for you to purchase. For those of you who missed out on the original pressing now's you chance to get hold of these wonderful two songs 'Paper Plane' and 'Fry Up'. Read the reviews of it on the 'what they say' page and listen to sound samples. Those of you who have already purchased the original lathe cut 10" are entitled to a reduction of one GBP in price. Please send me the number of the record you have when you order. The record will be distributed by Cargo UK if you want to purchase it at your local independent record shop.

The Kimonophonic record is still for the go ahead in September. Malory's songs are getting mixed so will have more info on that release as soon as I get it, and I'm broadening the genres of releases to include some fabulous alt-country fairly soon too.

08|08|01 head full of prescription

A quick message regarding the releases, although I don't have copies of every release available for mail order it is still possible to get hold of Leslies, Kimonophonic, Angel Corpus Christi and Krayola/Gillespie singles via your local independent record shop. Just ask for the record and say it's distributed by Cargo UK and they should be able to get hold of it for you. The Workhouse repress is coming along nicely and the Kimonophonic 10" will be around at the beginning of September.

29|07|2001 you could buy goldfish for 10 to 15 cents apiece

The Workhouse 10" has caused a lot of problems for me over the past seven months, so it has been a relief to get them. A few of you have commented on the quality of the record, and I apologise for that, it seems the record is quite sensitive to which record player it's being played on. Overall though I suppose the quality is below par in comparison to the original master. Maybe I shouldn't have released the record at all because of all the problems I've had with it, but I did and no I don't regret it, it's difficult to find pressers in the world who can do small runs for reasonable cost especially on a 10" format and I took a chance. Anyway for those of you that have the record treasure it as a collectors item. In terms of the repress until I get the records back from the pressers(not the same one) I can't assure you that the quality will be any better. If you have the lathe cut version of the record already I will be letting you have the repress for cheaper if you so desire. More details once I get the records and decide whether to go ahead with it.

You will also notice an extra link on this page to the press reviews page which I've been promising quite a while. All text are copyright their respected owners.

13|07|2001 choc-a-block rock

Well in the space of a week things have gone really well, The Workhouse finally made over from New Zealand. These fine pieces of lathe cut records are so limited they have all been snapped up already. If you rush over to Norman Records and ask nicely he might be able to sell you a copy. Thanks to everyone for your patience on this record, hopefully it won't happen again. The repress of this record is planned so keep looking back to get yourself a copy on shiny black vinyl.

The Tuna single is also here and you can get your copy from me. The prices have been reduced a bit because of the cheaper pressing plant I am using so there's no reason for you not to get a copy. Pressed on heavy vinyl in hand made sleeves it is limited to 200 copies. City Life describes it as 'pure galcial pop romanticism a la Smiths tinged with the Sugarcubes' soul-caressing vocals'. Selected shops will have it now and the others should be able to stock it in a few weeks time, say it is distributed by Cargo. you can listen to the sound samples here.

29|06|2001 the sleep house usually is a glum place

Well it's back onto the bad news again, the records still haven't arrived and it's getting very much out of hand, continual chasing up has ended nowhere and the records are probably half way round the world somewhere. On the other hand I've managed to get myself a distribution deal in the UK from Cargo Distribution. So you should see most of the past releases in more record shops around the country soon enough. This does however mean that I'll only have a few copies if that, of past releases. If you desperately want a release then email me first and if I don't have it I'll point you to some places that may still have it. Getting the distribution deal could hopefully be the turning point for the label. In fact I am definitely going to be doing a repress of the second Workhouse single in a couple of months time. In the meantime the stunning debut single from Germany's Tuna will arrive in a few weeks time, if you haven't heard of the band listen to the sound samples. This will be followed by a superb 6 track Kimonophonic EP/mini LP (whatever you want to call it) at the end of summer. See the releases page for more details.

08|06|2001 serious business

More important news about The Workhouse 10", if you've have not already sent me money for it or got me to reserve you one then it is highly unlikely that you will be able to get a copy from me. Main thing is as it's only a 100 pressing everyone wants one. Please email me first before you send any money. I cannot guarantee you a copy. However if the demand is great enough I'll be possibly looking into doing a repress sometime soon in the near future. Sorry to disappoint you. There will be a select few places stocking it but they will only receive a limited number yet to be confirmed. I will post those places that will have it as soon as I get the records here. It's still amazing that The Workhouse haven't been signed up yet but I guess we'll see them becoming huge in the near future.

26|05|2001 a new pair of legs

You're probably expecting to hear that the Workhouse 10" is officially scrapped and will not be released, but just when the length of string was about to run out, I get an extension. So the news is the records are definitely winging its way over to me as I have a parcel tracking id to confirm it. Just need to wait a few weeks for it to reach me. Thanks for the patience especially those who have been waiting since March like I have. I know it's all a learning process but I'd rather not have this scare again. Still pondering on the reviews page but it will come soon. Enjoy the summer and if you like the releases spread the word, thanks.

18|05|2001 custard humour

Okay again apologies to those waiting for those waiting for their copies of The Workhouse 10". Again more bad news, the record presser seems to have moved house, factory and gone on holiday in the past five months and yet he still hasn't got round to finish pressing my records. That does mean that from his calculations that I won't be getting the records until next year. No, seriously I don't expect them until June at the earliest. So if you have sent me payment and can't be bothered to wait any longer email me and I'll send you your payment back. No worries.

In the meantime the singles for the forthcoming half of the year will include for definite a single from Germany's Tuna who's songs are just fabulous, possible an EP by Kimonophonic and a few others that have yet to be properly confirmed. See the releases page.

27|04|2001 lying face down on the floor of a bank

It's almost a year since the label came alive, and I want to say a big thank you to all the bands who have appeared on the label. I suppose it's still not run quite as I want it to be and I still haven't managed to find myself a distributor, but things haven't by comparison been too bad. So seeing it's a new era for the label, I've given it a bit of a redesign. I'll be taking a break for a while so don't worry if there's no response when you e-mail me, I'll be in touch as soon as I can.

More reviews in the press, the recent Krayola/Gillespie split was given the thumbs up by Manchester City Life. Book Of The Dead was described as 'a cinematic slice of near-tribal funk' while Anna's Song was praised as 'a winsome chunk of acoustic joy spliced to soul-poured beats'. Fabulous indeed. Record Collector in the meantime drools over currently non-existant The Workhouse 10". I am being patient with the record pressers and am promised them in thde next few weeks, but I am not putting bets on it. I'm going to put all the reviews on a separate page so you can read them all there. Unfortunately Record Collector doesn't like the single by Pico, but then again you can't win them all. As I've said in the past 'bad press is better than no press'.

Thanks once again to everyone who has brought any of the singles, emailed me, given words of wisdom and encouragement. This label exists because of your sterling efforts helping independent music.

30|03|2001 try this sample pack now!

Maybe I already knew what was going to happen in the title of my last message. Yes, build up to great things but it's still no where to be seen. I'm currently doing some more chasing up on The Workhouse single, getting very good at it now, but it makes me look very impatient which is not good. In the meantime I would not bother to send any orders for it until I get them and says it okay.

Other news though... the Krayola/Gillespie 7" is now available. Again something different underlying the no set music policy for the label. Krayola is your break beat style with experimental gubbins thrown in, if you've heard of Cinema and the stuff out on the Domino 500 series then you'll like this. On side b is Gillespie who are your more traditional guitar based outfit. Accoustic guitar with the Krayola beats thrown in for an great tune. See the release page for more details. Available from the usual places. For those of you wanting to purchase online by credit card Penny Black Music have most of the singles available.

In the meantime I'm trying to sort out the releases for the fall of this year and will announce the bands soon.

16|03|2001 endless going nowhere build-ups and consistent repetition

Okay, one lost posting, a few delays, lots of chasing up, speedy courier and I'm almost back on course with the releases. Firstly The Workhouse release is due to arrive in two weeks definitely as confirmed by my record presser(unless it gets lost of course). Secondly the next 7" release will be from Pico who have had a Peel Session already. This should be available by the end of next week hopefully. Two wonderful songs, listen to the sound samples wrapped in a moon cover with silver writing by me.

Other news Paper Plane has been receiving a lot of airplay on XFM's Phil Kennedy's show, on the other hand City Life didn't quite like the single that much. The Angel Corpus Christi single gets a review in Record Collector described as 'a bit like Low's Christmas EP, which really is no bad thing'. Oh and John Peel played it, but unfortunately missed it so don't know what he said about it. Anyway cheers John. One final thing, please make cheques/postals orders to me Edward Jung and not to the label. Thanks.

27|02|2001 dull as dishwater

This month has been a pretty bad one. With record orders getting lost and pretty much on the receiving end for bad luck. Anyway as a consequence all releases will be delayed for a month at least while I have to find out what's gone wrong. If I don't lose my sanity doing all that I might come back with some better news in the near future. Sorry to all those people and bands waiting for releases, I am just not having a good time running the label this year.

09|02|2001 a place inside of me

Just a quick update, I am still here, been a bit difficult recently with my proper job taking up much of my time and thoughts. Sorry to all those people waiting for the next Workhouse release, I am still waiting for the records from the pressing plant. I am told that they are due at the end of February which isn't such a long a wait. The singles by Krayola and Pico will follow soon after the Workhouse release in March/April. Thanks for your patience and do let your friends know about emma's house recordings.

06|01|2001 will you come in miss wonderly?

Happy New Year to you all, Angel Corpus Christi arrives in her splendor pressed on red vinyl. Two excellent tracks, the first 'You' featuring Dean Wareham on guitar, and the second a cover of the Luna song 'I Want Everything'. Again hand made sleeves, three different accordian themed sleeves and a ACC one. Available from me, see mail order page.

I've sold out of The Workhouse single, so congratulations to the few who got them. There will be a special 10" coming with two more tracks by them around March time. Also releases due Spring/Summer this will include singles by newcomers Krayola and Pico. Keep looking at the releases page for more information and sound samples.