Hello my name is Edward Jung. I want to welcome you to this very special site, which is totally dedicated to my favourite band in the world today. Having only discovered the Bandits in 1992, I am not too clear about their early work. So some of the things mentioned in this site may not be fully accurate.

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History (How I discovered the BMX Bandits and some other gubbins)

It started in 1992 when I was still at high school. I was listening to The Mark Radcliffe Show on the now defunct Radio 5. The song was beautiful, a classic, those lyrics.... from that moment on I knew this was one of the best bands ever....Without a doubt I thought that this band must be big with great songs. But this was not the case and found that getting the early stuff was like finding a needle in a haystack. Anyway my love for the Bandits never deteriorated and even though I couldn't listen to the tunes, I could still hum them to myself. It was not until a couple of years later when I met another Bandits fan and much searching in record shops that I was able to get a sizeable collection of the Bandits records. Anyway trying to get more information resulted in me searching on the internet. However the information I got was short and sketchy, so I started this web site that you are reading now.

I am not to clear on the actual history, so I will leave this up to the experts. I have found a few sources that provide a quick history of the BMX Bandits.

  • The Sony link seems to have disappeared for good.
  • The best description is taken from the book , 'All That Ever Mattered - The Guinness History of Rock & Pop'.
  • An alternative can be found at the Rough Guide to Rock. A pretty marvellous piece of work about the Bandits, if I must say so myself. They changed their site so you will need to select BMX Bandits from the drop down list.
  • A new offering from the All Music Guide. You can send in a poll for the musical type too.

Right, now that you know a bit about them, follow the links below to learn more about their records and music. I should really write a mini FAQ, but haven't got the time to at the moment.

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