This page dedicated to you out there, the people who really matter to The BMX Bandits. If you've mailed me about the site then your name should be on the list. There is no particular order, first come first served. If you want to be mentioned then just mail me.

  • Marco Gratton - Info on John and Finlay, did you say Speedboat had split?
  • Diana Pisani - Making me feel really bad doing this site. You know what I mean.
  • Francis MacDonald - For being in such a fab band and generally releasing some brilliant records on your Shoeshine label.
  • Patrick Davies - who maintains the Vinyl Japan homepage.
  • Bradley Jiulianti - over in the States getting me into some American indie music.
  • Edward Canning - Who thought the site was maintained by a team of top web site people. Thanks mate.
  • Chris Bray - maintaining the brilliant Teenage Fanclub site in the US of A.
  • Gabrial Telerman - studying hard at Glasgow Caledonia University.
  • Anders Vimmogg - for the Norwegian tour dates.
  • Sarah Martin - from another top band Belle & Sebastian.
  • Russele Muetzelfeldt - down under.
  • Beth Pitchard - for generally being a good chat.
  • Richard Saint - with news of a new collaboration.
  • Donna Kilmurry - I'll get back to you soon.
  • Graham Marsland - who really is the Bandits' greatest fan.
  • Paul Ritchie - who does the ESP fanzine, which has loads of exclusive stuff about the Bandits, TFC, Superstar etc. A real great read.
  • James Graham - for pointing out the missing stuff also in North America.
  • Blanca Esteve - For the Opel Mantra lyrics. Much appreciated.
  • Vinnie Berrini - Another fan in the States. The records are coming.

    I've always known that people from Japan are huge Bandit fans and this confirmed by recieving two very nice mails from the people below. I still don't know if you are male or female, sorry. Actually their male and know each other.

  • Daisuke Ishikawa
  • Takanori Sato

  • Chris Browning - who wrote a nice mail about how 'Little Hands' changed his life, sort of.
  • Dan Noble - a Teeside University student who just discovered the Bandits. It's never too late to start loving them.
  • Catherine Owen - who sent me some info on John's new band and a really beautiful account of her relationship with the Bandits.
  • Mark Sturdy - about his meeting with the band.
  • Fan LofStedt - Swedish fan.
  • Matt Miller - Another fan in Australia.
  • Cindy Wong - for new info and Scottish band things.
  • Michael Shelley - for the fab Cheeky Monkey album.
  • Jim Currie - for the Cast a Shadow chords.
  • Karen - who is madly in love with the Bandits.
  • Michael Linford - nice comments.
  • Joyti Mishra - from the infamous White Town, what you said was so nice, thanks for your support.
  • Dave McNicoll
  • Marianthi from sunny Greece.
  • Shaiful Helmi
  • Juliet Lang - for just being there.
  • Ryan, Fiona, Debbie and Dave for posting to my guestbook.
  • Sergi
  • Rory & Vanessa - from their Dreamcast
  • Jörn Wurm - in Germany
  • Nick Hawes - Still trying to find out the answer for you.
  • Mick Derrick - from Prolapse.
  • Marcus Meier - in Bavaria
  • Yasuko & Kaori -both in Japan
  • Claire Taylor - yep they are still going
  • John Pressly - for the wonderful Lanarkshire Music exhibition
  • Neil Currie
  • Tom Doyle
  • Jim Duffy
  • Keg
  • - who runs a Television Personalities site.
  • Giorgio Cucis - in Italy
  • Danica Gilland - from Edinburgh

Thanks again for visiting this site, and making me feel so good inside. I really appreciate it. Cheers and remember 'Stay young and invincible'. I know it's not a Bandit quote but from Oasis' 'Stay Young', and why not after all Oasis did support the Bandits for a while. But I bet you knew that anyway.

Edward Jung.

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