53rd and 3rd years
BMX Bandits - The 53rd and 3rd Years (Avalanche Records ONLYCD015 and ONLYLP015)

Cartoon of Duglas BMX Bandits
All those people spending their hard earned cash for the early editions of Bandit rarities such as Sad and Figure 4 E.P will not need to spend no more. Those nice people at Avalanche records have put together a compilation of the records released on 53rd and 3rd records.

1. Sad?
2. E102
3. The Cat From Outer Space
4. Strawberry Sunday
5. Groovy Good Luck Friend
6. The Day Before Tommorrow
7. What A Wonderful World
8. Johnny Alucard
9. Sad!(Different Version)
10. figure 4
11. Stardate 21.11.70
12. In Her Hair
13. Bette Blue
14. Rosemary Ledingham
15. Carousel
Actually there is a hidden track on the album where the Bandits chant 'BMX is pure sex' for a while after Sad!
All the major bands like the Super Furries, Oasis have released albums of rare and unreleased things so why shouldn't our beloved Bandits release one too. As I'm sure their early records are rarer than hen's teeth.
After listening to the album, I must be honest, I don't really like some of the older stuff. But you can tell just in this compilation how they have developed within those couple of years at 53rd and 3rd Records. Bette Blue and Rosemary Ledingham are particularly brilliant.

You can purchase this record direct from Avalanche by mail order. 12 quid for the CD and 9 quid for the vinyl. It's well worth it for the sleeve notes that Duglas writes alone, about the Bandits' not too successful story.

An album to re-live the growing of the most wondeful band in the world.

Address for direct mail order: Avalanche Records, 34 Dundas Street, Glasgow, Scotland G1 2AQ.

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