MASKCD60 on Vinyl Japan

Track Listing

  1. Unbreakable Heart - Benmont Tench
  2. Hey Little Tomboy - Brian Wilson
  3. Daddy Daddy - Rhonda Stewart
  4. Stupid - Francis McDonald/Duglas Stewart
  5. Tones - Brian Wilson
  6. Airmail - Francis McDonald/Duglas Stewart
  7. Snow - Randy Newman
  8. Into The Moon - Walter Schmann
  9. Very - Duglas Stewart
  10. I'll Be Your Baby Tonight - Bob Dylan
  11. Tones no.2 - Brian Wilson
  12. Gap (Ten Seconds Of Silence)
  13. Title Track - Duglas Stewart/Deepak Bahl
  14. And Yes I'm Still Stupid - Francis McDonald/Duglas Stewart

Frank Duglas the singer and songwriter of the Bandits decided to do a solo album with the former Bandits' label Vinyl Japan some time ago. It was only in 1997 that the album was completed and released. After spending a lot of time trying to get a copy, I almost gave up as even my order direct to VJ gave no response. Now I have finally obtained this fantastic piece of work.

This is very much a mixed variety of songs ranging from the brilliant Brian Wilson covers to a Moog Cookbook style title track and Duglas' daughter doing her first song. Each song representing a special part in his life and stand out individually. At just over half an hour it's not that long for an album but with songs like these, who's complaining? Just stick it on repeat and enjoy. Shame it's not out on vinyl as my Costly Disc player's broken and so have to listen to it on my computer. This is not much of a review I know, but believe you just have to listen to it.

The NME review on the news page is a fairer comment without the Bandit bias. You can contact me if you find it hard to get a copy at the e-mail address below. I may beable to get you one.


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