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February 10, 1998

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The Bandits looking groovy

BMXBandits: We hope this is going to be an opportunity to make some new friends for you and for us.

Zartan: Are you guys on a US tour right now, or are you just making friends?

BMXBandits: Both. We consider our audiences to be our friends by the time the shows are finished. You can never have enough friends.

doober: BMX Bandits, how many of them are you?

BMXBandits: There are 4 official members. On this tour we are joined by Stevie Jackson of Belle and Sebastian. In the past, there have been over 20 members and their ghosts are still with us.

doober: I've heard that BMX Bandits spawned such bands as Teenage Fanclub & Soup Dragons.

BMXBandits: One of the Soup Dragons, Sushilk Kdade is now playing bass with us. Sean and Jim from Soup Dragons are ex members. Norman Blake of the Fan Club was a Bandit from 1986-1993.

SuperMod: Are the Soup Dragons still together?

BMXBandits: No Mod.

Zartan: Have any of you guys ever stolen any bikes?

BMXBandits: Duglas says: I've never been on a bicycle in my life. So I never needed to steal one.

doober: Oh, right on, that's cool. Can only Scottish musicians be in the BMX Bandits?

BMXBandits: No doober, our current guitarist, Gabrielle Telerman is from Argentina. Sushil 's roots are Indian and our ex guitarist Lawrence, was American- Korean.

SuperMod: Where in Scotland are you from?

BMXBandits: Duglas is from Bell Shill, home town of Sheena Easton. Sushil is from Bears Den, home town of Stephen Pastel and Edwin Collins.

SuperMod: Where are you guys playing here in NY?

BMXBandits: We are playing at the Mercury Lounge tonight.

Philip: What has been your lowest moment as a musician?

BMXBandits: Duglas says that: my lowest point was playing in front of 14 people, in Worcester.

Philip: 14 people isn't so bad that's a party.

Zartan: What happened in front of those 14 people?

BMXBandits: Well, I showed all of them my photo album and got to know them pretty well. So I guess it wasn't so bad after all.

SuperMod: Who are you guys touring the States with right now?

BMXBandits: Michael Shelley is playing most of the shows with us. Check out his current album Half Empty on Big Deal as well as Cheeky Monkey. It is a collaboration between Michael and our Francis.

Philip: I wanna know if these guys are down with Ween

BMXBandits: We dig Ween. Their music moves us.

Philip: I want to know what you think of the British press? Have they been good to your band?

BMXBandits: Duglas: I hate them passionately. I believe there is now a movement among artists to fight back as revenge for the damage they have done to British music. We were given Single of the Week for "Serious Drugs" by both NME and Melody Maker but we didn't take it seriously.

Philip: What's your favorite American city to play?

BMXBandits: We haven't played enough different cities to judge yet. All the ones we've done, so far have been great. We want more experience before we comment.

Philip: Are you going to New Orleans?

BMXBandits: Francis is going to New Orleans to drum for Alex Chilton at a show next week. Perhaps, the next time we're here we'll get to these cities.

Weight: What label are you on?

BMXBandits: We are on Big Deal. And enjoying it.

doober: Somebody told me to ask you if there was a Joe McClindon still in BMX Bandits & if so where is he?

BMXBandits: Yeah he still plays once in awhile. He's been playing with the reformed Box Tops as well lately.

Philip: Make sure you check out new jersey extensively

BMXBandits: Okay.

Weight: How do you feel about Alex Chillton?

BMXBandits: Yeah, Alex among many different musicians has been a big influence on us both musically and as an individual.

Zartan: What are your opinions about the IRA?

BMXBandits: We support the peace process. There has been too high a cost already paid by ordinary people. Peace is the only way. The people can surely be free.

Weight: He's been known to be a very depressed individual ( Alex Chilton).

BMXBandits: Alex has a real strong sense of humor. We've never found him depressing, he likes to have a good time.

Weight: Do you like Elliot Smith?

BMXBandits: Not too familiar with Elliot Smith, we would like to hear more.

Philip: What are your opinion about the NBA?

BMXBandits: I prefer soccer, but it's fun to watch once in awhile.

Weight: What describes a good time to you guys?

BMXBandits: For us it can be many things. It can be playing a great show. Just hanging out with friends or family. Listening to music we love. Or for Gabrielle and Sushil it can be finding some neat stationary. They have a stationary fetish which is seriously unhealthy.

SuperMod: What bands do you love?

BMXBandits: I currently Iím listening to lots of French music. Like Air, Katerine and Gainsbourg records.

Weight: What did you do with Alex Chilton when you were hanging out?

BMXBandits: We sat by with guitars and played lots of Beach Boys and Elvis songs. The late Carl Wilson taught Alex how to play guitar so he knew all the right chords.

Weight: Isn't it the thing lately to be into Gainsbourg?

BMXBandits: I think for too many years Gainsbourgs work has been too ignored, in Britain and America just because he wrote in French. In France, he's always been regarded as a genius and national hero because, the body of his work is so unique, prolific, and musically profound. It's about time for people to open their ears to music. That's not only made in America or in Britain.

Weight: Didn't Opal do a cover of " Holocaust?"

BMXBandits: Yeah, Opal did do that cover.

Weight: Do you like the Tindersticks?

BMXBandits: Yeah I like the Tindersticks.

BMXBandits: Stevie and the rest of Belle and Sebastian are real big fans. As the Tindersticks are Belle and Sebastian fans.

Weight: Have you played with them?

BMXBandits: We've never played with Tindersticks but would be happy if they asked us.

SuperMod: I like some Indian music. I don't have any, but I get into it at Yoga class.

BMXBandits: Sushil has his own side project called Future Pilot with a real Indian feel to the music so try to check that out.

Weight: Who have you guys toured with? Or has that question already been asked?

BMXBandits: We have toured with Oasis on their first ever tour. They were third on the bill to BMX Bandits. We've also toured with Shonen Knife also on Big Deal.

Philip: Let's have some dirt on Oasis......

BMXBandits: When we toured with Oasis, Duglas was the only person on the whole tour who got in a fight. So, BMX Bandits are definitely more rock n roll than they are. Also Francis tried to tell them how to re write their songs, but Noel decided not to use any of his ideas, unfortunately. They were very friendly, especially Noel and Bonehead.

Philip: Who's your favorite spice girl?

BMXBandits: My daughter Rhonda always says her favorite Spice Girl is Nutty. I know there is no nutty, but there should be, because it sounds like she'd be fun. My daughter is only three.

SuperMod: Well were are gonna wrap it up right about now.

BMXBandits: I hope we've made some new friends, and we'll get to speak with you maybe in person someday. Check out our new album Theme Park on our wonderful label Big Deal.


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