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BMX Bandits BBC Sessions

First update of 2003, it's been a while since December. The Bandits have been played a few more gigs following their successful return at The Spitz. They played King Tut's in Glasgow and the Bongo club in Edinburgh as well as another gig in London.

News on the BBC sessions album being put out by Vinyl Japan. It will be called On the Radio 1986-1996. The tracklisting is as follows.

  • Gettin' Dirty
  • Since She Started to Ride
  • Hello Again
  • Strawberry Sunday
  • Little Hands
  • Figure 4
  • Rosemary Ledingham
  • Take 5
  • Flipper
  • Tiny Fingers, Tiny Toes
  • Green Grow the Rashes (with the Pearlfishers)
  • Hey Little Tomboy (with the Pearlfishers)
  • Someone to Share My Life With
  • Gettin' Dirty
  • Groovy Goodluck Friend
  • The Day Before Tomorrow
  • E102-2

I've only ever heard one of their BBC sessions but this compilation looks to be very good indeed. The exact date is yet to be finalised but sometime in March or April I am told. Thanks to Claire at VJ for the information.

The Vault

The nice folks at BBC Scotland Interactive have released a new Web site called The Vault. It features fans memories of their favourite (predominantly) Scottish bands. The Bandits have a page up there. BMX Bandits page at The Vault. You can even view a picture of my BMX Bandits tattoo in the gallery.

News that the new Bandits albums are delayed by a few months has been passed on to me.

Why did it take you so long?

The confirmed release date for the BBC Sessions album on Vinyl Japan will be June 8th 2003. The release date in Japan as always will a be a little earlier. I am sure it will have been worth the wait. There was an interview with Elijah Wood who starred in the Lord Of The Rings where he mentions bands he likes. Guess what, he name drops the Bandits and the Vaselines. See the Bandits are making that revival and will come to rescue us from much of the dire that is coming out.

The BBC Sessions album is now available from the 2nd of June 2003. It is possible to get it direct from the Vinyl Japan website. Also by mail order at : 98 Camden Road . London . NW1 9EA. I should be getting a copy fairly soon and will as always put my own review of the record when I get the chance.

The long awaited release

Okay the moment we have been waiting for. It's been an age (seven years) since the Bandits release any new material but they are doing so on the 29th September 2003. The new album 'Down At The Hop' will be released on Francis' Shoeshine Records with what seems to be a rather doggy theme to it. The tracklisting of the new album is as follows.

  1. Love At The Hop
  2. Little Kitty
  3. Iím In Such Great Shape
  4. Miss Nude Black America
  5. Death & Destruction
  6. The Daughters Of Julie Evergreen
  7. The Road Of Love Is Paved With Banana Skins
  8. Silly Boy
  9. Back In Her Heart
  10. Wake Up Francis
  11. Loveís Supposed To Be Fun
  12. Back In Your Arms
  13. A Hungry Man
  14. The End Of Time

MP3 clips are availble on the the Shoeshine site. To coincide with the release they are doing a few gigs. They will be in London on 4th October and Glasgow on the 10th. The London gig is at Bush Hall and the Glasgow gig at King Tuts. Also there is going to be a live radio broadcast of a show they are doing in East Kilbride on December 1st. Phew this is a lot of news. There's more too. Thanks to Tom O Grady for the London gig info.

Nice small article by the Evening Times in Scotland. It mentions that Norman plays on a track and it was part recorded at his home.

With the BMX Bandits revival Duglas informs me they are getting a proper website for the Bandits together. This is great news as it means I now know where to get latest news from. My lack of time means the overhaul of this site may never come about but will still be around offering views on BMX Bandit related things. Would you believe I'm starting a record label up again that's why I don't have time these days. Thanks again to Duglas for the info.

Some new BMX Bandits articles and miniature overviews on the Bandits I've not seen before: Trouserpress
Some foreign site biog
Wow that's it for now. May or may not see you at one of those gigs depending on much money I have.

And there's more

The Bandits (must stop calling them that, now there's actually a band called The Bandits, come to think of it they should just put up with people refering to the real Bandits as The Bandits, better stop now as I'm confused already) anyway they are going to play an instore gig at Monorail in Glasgow on the Sunday 12th October at 5:30pm. If you are there the following Thursday it's worth seeing the Pearlfishers play too. You lucky people. It's looking like I won't be able to make it to either one of the gigs because too which I'm devasted about. Was able to squeeze myself out of financial trouble but have just been caught by something else. I am disappointed. If you are going and want to write me a gig review of either gig then please do.

Anyway following from that disappointment, I can console myself by listening to the new album again. Yes I've already got it kindly sent to me by Francis. Yes it's worth the wait and I love it. Read my rather biased review of Down At The Hop.

I am going to redo this site, the fact that I am a web designer/developer by trade is probably more frustrating for me. I just need an entire week to get it into order. I promise to overhaul this site by the end of the year (really) and not just because the band are getting their own proper website either.

He's going straight back to your heart

Finally get round to updating the site. My hosting account was having a few problems so I couldn't get access to my site. Any I've heard that the gigs have gone really well. I couldn't get to either one of them because I am quite poor at the moment. The new site at http://www.bmx-bandits.com is brilliant, a much more complete discography, biography sound samples and more all in a excellent horizontal scrolling design. It should be your first visit for BMX Bandits news.

Former BMX Bandit member Lawrence Kim has formed a new band The Amber Smith in NYC. They have just released their debut EP 'From Upper Lip to Lower Hip' which is excellent. Been described as Teenage Fanclub and The Hollies. Thanks to their manager Paul Bruno for this information. I've updated the links page with the sites.

Also former Bandit member Jim McCulloch way back when they started has a new project called Green Peppers. Jim supported the Bandits at their Glasgow gig. I've not heard his stuff yet but will have a listen at the MP3 on his site at http://www.greenpeppers.info.

Any comments, reviews, gig dates can be sent to bmxbandits[at]onoffonoff[dot]org
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