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John Hogarty does not appear on the latest single ...I now know that John and Finlay have both left to pursue their own thing...Though they both still appear on the forthcoming new album...Finlay has formed his own band called Speedboat...The first record is out on Shoeshine Records ...code - SHOE001 ...The Bandits have a new single and album coming out ...This should mean hopefully a couple of tour dates outside Scotland will be annouced ...The new BMX Bandits single 'We're going to shake you down' is out on Monday Sept 30th ...It features songs recorded live at a Glasgow concert last year. ...I've just read this the NME...

We're gonna Shake You Down
(Creation) Creation's eternal
on-success story in, um, action -
out Monday.
NME 28th Sept 1996
...What chuffing rubbish eh!
...I've just got an e-mail about the situation with Finlay and John ...John left the band in June 1996...Finlay left a couple of months later ...Speedboat split Chrismas 1995...John has formed a new band with Scott Walker of Speedboat...Thanks to Marco Gratton for this info ...I now have lyrics for the newTheme Park album.... ...The Bandits will be playing at upstairs of the Garage on the 12th November...Cornershop are DJing...

This is the review of Theme Parkfrom the December issue of Q:-

Theme Park
Creation CD202

Ten years on and supposedly now
a "real" group despite the ever
changing line-up, BMX Bandits
remain at the mercy of Duglas
Stewart, at once the group's
mentor and millstone. With a head
full of ideas he can't carry out
without sounding teeth-grindingly
twee, insufferably corny or just
plain lame, he's still trying to
recreate the spirit of an imagined
more innocent past but still lacks
the skills to do so. This album has
some nice touches in the
background, some fair guitar-
playing on occasion and a number
of neat, shorter interludes. But it's
let down by Stewart's perennially
silly lyrics, fey execution and god
awful singing. Best moments are
the full-blooded-guitar-pop-songs I
Wanna Fall In Love, Love Makes
The World Go Round and In The
Afterglow, all unshamedly retro,
but at least not so self-consiously
wacky. **
Ian Cranna

Now if I was a Duglas, I would give this guy a smack in the mouth, okay it may not be his cup of tea but it deserves at least 3 stars as it may not be as accessible to all music type people. In my opinion Ian Cranna has just wrote a review panning the Duglas and the Bandits with no justification in his views at all. Q magazine you can employ better people than this.

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