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The following review of the new solo album was taken from the NME dated the 22nd of February 1997. It was a fair review, I would have thought, I cannot confirm any of the statements since I can't get hold of the album yet.



(Vinyl Japan/CD/LP)

DUGLAS T STEWART stands before you a guilty man. Winsome of manner and dyslexic of Christian name, Stewart has brazenly carried the flame for Scottish cutie pop for over a decade now. From fanzines singing the praises of ice lollies to The Soup Dragons, here are atrocities all attributable to the Peter Pan Of C86 and yet our Dug still releases BMX Bandits albums.
Ask yourselves. Do we need more of this filth?
No, we arsing well don't and leading this battle cry Is, er, one Duglas T Stewart. Of course, the usual lab assIstants are still on hand (various Pastels, Eugeniuses and Teenage Fanclubbers comprise the aforementioned '. .& Company? but 'Frankenstein' has been stitched together from many a fresh body part.
A leg from the oft-pillaged corpse of country rock (the homespun 'Unbreakable Heart'), a swinging hipbone or two from easy listening (the Ben Folds Five ish 'Hey Little Tomboy'). Granted, 'Frankenstein' remains predominantly geek-pop of vibe, but Stewart has admirably returned to the lab, swapped his anorak for a white coat and tinkered with his test tubes anew.
But, if this is intended as an earnest tribute to Mary Shelley's monstrous creation, then no surprises that the stitching begins to show Admirable though Stewart's rebirth is, seven cover versions plus far too much mucking about (tracks subtitled 'Ten Seconds Of Silence' and the like) doesn't leave much change from an EP and, while 'Frankenstein' is by no means a monster, with a few more original elements it could've passed for a reallife album. Back to the castle for a sequel, then East Kilbride Of Frankenstein anyone?
Maybe not (6)
Mike Goldsmith

Tour news

You can see the BMX Bandits play live around Europe. Norway in April -April 9:Stavanger
Support act will be American Suitcase for all dates except Oslo
Thanks to Anders Vinnogg for this information.

I do now have a copy of the Frankenstein album reviewed above, you can find out more here...The Gigalo Aunts have a cover of Serious Drugs on their LP Where I Find My Heaven?...more later

So the Bandits have played a few times over the summer and the lineup has not been the usual one...Anyway Francis has been releasing some more top records on his Shoeshine Records label...The Bandits have released a collabration album with the legendary Kim Fowley...It's called 'Hidden Agenda At The 13th Note' and was recorded live in 1995...It really is quite good fun and well worth a listen... Revolver Records RRCD 231...Oh and Sushil has being doing something with Cornershop and it's called 'Future Pilot AKA'...It's been mentioned in the NME.

American release of Theme Park / Tribute albums galore

All you people in America can stop holding your breaths...The long awaited official release of 'Theme Park' is on October 7th...The Bandits have a track on the Scottish Children First Charity Album...and are recording tracks for the Burt Bacharach and 1/2 Japanese tribute albums...Duglas is a weekly contributor to the Fred Macaulay show on BBC Radio Scotland...I haven't heard it but I guess it should be as good as when he was the Scottish Correspondent for the Mark Radcliffe Show...Shoeshine will be releasing a compilation album of all the Shoeshine releases including a bonus track from the artists...Ta to Francis again for the latest news...And congratulations to Gabriel who becomes a dad.

Bandits leave Creation

Yep, you heard right, after three albums with Creation the Bandits' have now left the major indie label. Without a doubt it felt kind of strange as they have not released any new singles for a long time to support Theme Park. Well I suppose the Bandits never got much support on the Creation label. Maybe they'll have better luck elsewhere releasing more of their beautiful records...Creation you should have done better... Thanks to the ESP fanzine for that bit of exclusive information.

The Shoeshine Chartbusters CD is available now. More info here...

Shirehorses link

Shirehorses album mention Even the current Shirehorses album mentions the Bandits. Proof that all great bands once followed the Bandits. However it could just be a joke, as Duglas was a former guest on Mark's show.

The Pastels, Bandits and Eugenius, will be playing an AIDS benefit at Glasgow's, 13th Note (which has now moved!). This however is to be confirmed. This has been confirmed and it was held on December 2nd, so you've missed it as I have.

Future Pilot AKA are currently supporting the Pastels on their tour. I missed the Manchester one, and feel gutted...However now that Future Pilot are supporting the also brilliant Belle and Sebastian on the 28th December, I won't feel so bad after all.

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