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More re-releases?
Alun Kirby and Richard Broadhurst has both mailed me about a new album featuring the records released in the 53rd and 3rd records label. I can now confirm that this is true as a search for records at Action Records shows that it is released on vinyl and costly disc. When I get a copy I'll let you know what it's like.
Also the Shoeshine Records site has a new URL at http://www.users.globalnet.co.uk/~shoeshine and Duglas' new TV programme is called 'The Beat Room'.

I've got hold of a copy of the 53rd and 3rd Years album which you can read up about here. Should be available at your local independent record store now. The page also includes details of obtaining the record by mail order direct, which is the cheaper option.

I totally forgot about this after the summer vacation, and that was National Park have a 10" single out on Earworm records called 'Great Western', it is backed up by a song called Stars/Stripes. Both songs were recorded live at one of their gigs and is really something. They have a web site at: http://members.tripod.com/~national_park/. As well as this Sushil as Future Pilot AKA and The Bill Wells Octet have released an album of the same name. It got a great review in the NME the other week and although is a little short at around 28 minutes is still a brilliant record. Hopefully I'll update thuis web site more often than of late.

Beat Room I've recenly had the fortune to see The Beat Room, it's on weekdays(Monday-Friday) on BBC Digital Scotland at 11.30pm. Duglas features as presenter on it occasionally. Basically as far as I can tell it's a showcase for new and upcoming Scottish bands. They get to play three or four tunes, interdispersed with video clips, interviews and other bits and bobs. It's quite interesting and seems to have been successful enough to merit a second series.

Other News Well I've not had the time to update this site a lot but here's a few snippets to keep you occupied. Future Pilot AKA(Sushil) released his album 'FPAKA V's a Galaxy of Sound'. Duglas has been seen at the Belle and Sebastian Convention the other week recording video footage for his forthcoming Belle and Sebastian Documentary. I keep saying this but I REALLY hopefully will put some new things to this site as well as an update after my exams in May.

Speedboat - "Satellite Girl" (SHOECD004, SHOELP004) The long awaited debut album (on both CD and vinyl formats) by acclaimed Glaswegian power-poppers. 10 tracks of excellent, guitar pop...should be out now. Order it directly from Shoeshine.

Beat Room News
Stereolab are also set to preview some new songs exclusively at the BBC Music Live Festival being held in Glasgow in May.

Stereolab appear at "a special celebration of live electronic music" being recorded for digital TV channel BBC Choice at the Cottier Theatre in Glasgow on May 27. The Beat Room: Electrophobia! is to be presented by BMX Bandits frontman Duglas Stewart and also features performances from Add N To (X), Momus and Toog. Should be a good night so get up to Glasgow.

Why I haven't Updated this site in a while... Okay, what follows are a bunch of lame excuses, but I just wanted to let you know.

  • Since I had my dissertation to write and final year exams, I couldn't balance the act of updating my websites and studying so I did the decent thing and studied.
  • Since graduating I went to America to work. The job involved long hours, not much free time. Also without any Web access it was difficult to make changes and add things to the site.
  • The situation will not change when I come back to England as I don't have Web access anymore, since I am no longer a student and so can't while away the hours searching for records at the university's expense.
  • To be honest there hasn't been much BMX Bandits news around, all the members are hard at work on their own projects(which are all fabulous by the way), and gigs/releases are few and far between.
  • The bottom line is that this site will be around for as long as I'm around or until Tripod shuts me down and will serve as a dedication to one of the greatest bands around(at least in my books). For over 4 years I've been in contact with fans from all over the world and it has made me so happy that there are people out there who appreciate The Bandits. I apologise to the people aho have e-mailed me and have had no response, I'm sorry, I've had a lot of difficult things to deal with and hopefully I've made some right choices somewhere along the lines.
  • Thanks for your patience and if you do have any stories/queries etc... I'm still happy to help. Just drop me a e-mail at the address below...

Any comments, reviews, gig dates can be sent to bmxbandits[at]onoffonoff[dot]org
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