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Jimmy your hair is on fire
Even though I'm not at work it's still really humid and the dark clouds are moving over the city. It's ready to pour it down any second now. I was clearing out more of my room out and found a robot toy called Dingbot who I remember being rather annoying making a weird screeching sound as it just bumped around everything. Shame it doesn't work, I'm sure I could have flogged it for some money on ebay. Just had a look around and they still sell this damn robot but in a blue colour. Hopefully my brother will have got me a cheap iron at the Commonwealth Games Auction today, just hope he hasn't put bids in for a batch of bin bags.

My record buying obsession must stop, I can't wait to get down to Bath as there aren't any decent record shops as far as I can tell to tempt me. Well anyway I brought another Nancy & Lee album, a Shangri-Las compilation and some great {{link Northern Soul}} compilations. Currently listening to a crackly German Kinks compilation that I haven't heard in three years. What a great band. Just as mentioned before, the rain is now coming down. I'm going to do some ironing.


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