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Sí Sí Señorita
Went to see Hable Con Ella(Talk To Her) at Bath's Little Theatre Cinema this afternoon. The little Theatre cinema is very small and in a retro sort of way you feels like you are in a time warp when waiting for the film to start. The people manning the box office and ushers were of a good old age and it seems they have been doing their job since the day the cinema opened it's doors. Anyway onto the film, basically a tale of two men who meet and become friends as the women they love are in comas. Each takes the coma'd partner different ways. One using the time taking care of her body as a chance to get to 'know her'. The other taking it as any normal person would - quite badly. The problem occurs when one of the guys rapes the woman they supposedly loved and the consequences are quite bad. Overall it was an entertaining film and you warmed closely to the men in their situation and lives with quite a satisfactory ending.

Just heard from Nitin one of my friends who used to do work experience at Eunite. He has since gone on to get a first in Computing and is now studying Advanced Computing at Imperial College London. Really nice guy who always worked really hard, sometimes too hard. Deserves all the respect he gets. All the best to him.


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Great news about Nitin!
Posted by Mike @ 10/07/2002 01:35 AM GMT

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