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His feet were left behind in the door
It's another long day. The morning session on web imagery was pretty good, the lecturer didn't bring a load of files which pretty shoddy but at least it was understandable. That was a bit different in the Cultural Theory seminar. The talk of avant-garde practice in film fly straight above my head however the example films Un Chien Andalon, Alphaville and La Hein were fascinating. I was expecting to be bored, some of the group did flinch at the famous cutting of the eye scene in Un Chien Andalon. Finally having to identify the fonts used for famous logo's is a bit difficult for someone who uses type a lot but with no formal understanding of what makes it work. Finally found a tool that allows you to create multipage PDF's. It's called PDFEdit995. Give it a try if you need to do that sort of thing.

Well that's my day all gone, spent the last two hours having troubles with CD writing. I hate it when CD's get wasted through buffer under-runs. Aaaaaaahhhhh. Another tough day tomorrow.


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