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How come it's gone for so long?
Well watching The Wicker Man in the middle of the night with a hundred or so people in a tiny room was fun. I am suffering the consequences of a long night and not much sleep. Look pretty horrendous at Oxfam this morning but managed to survive with a huge caffine intake. So back to The Wicker Man, a great film with some classic moments like Britt Ekland's funny nude dance and the burning of the Wicker Man itself. There is quite a lot of comedy in it, but I think that's because of it's age rather than being on purpose. From about three quarters of the way into the film to the end a guy just kept shouting "Burn the wicker man" every few minutes. It think he was getting a bit over excited. Christopher Lee and Michael Caine turned out excellent performances.

Great tune of the week - The Delgado's cover of ELO's Mister Blue Sky from the John Peel Session this Wednesday gone.


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