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How can taste run backwards?
A much more satisfactory day having got my head around creating PDF's using Adobe Illustrator. I haven't really got my head around Illustrator, it's got a steeper learning curve than Photoshop. Still it doesn't allow you to create multipage PDF's and the other whizz bang stuff that the full Acrobat does. I don't really see why we have to submit work as PDF's but I am learning things which will come in handy.

My house mate was experiencing a strange phenomena, when she stopped typing in her Web based email, random words start to appear in her message all on it's own. It's almost like a telegraph transmission that came through slowly. Maybe it's a hidden feature of Internet Explorer, the ability to receive external transmissions. Another reason not to use it without checking for latest security patches.

Again I am in my knack of listening to records that were released a long time ago only now. DJ Shadow's The Private Press is rather good indeed and I like his new electronica style.


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