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A certain sense of confidence?!?
Let me see, I think this time Boots have surpassed their incompetence by a long way. I asked for my lomo shoot to be placed onto photo CD as I don't have a scanner. I turn up to collect my photos and they haven't done the CD, okay I can wait an hour for them to be done. I get back home hoping to spend the afternoon processing pictures of letter R's to find that they scanned in the same set of photo's twice. I am extremely annoyed by this and will be complaining tomorrow morning.

What's this about newsagents that have barbers in the back room. I thought it was a bit dodgy at first but there seems to be a chain of them in Bath city centre. They seem to be a good bunch of blokes and do a pretty good haircut for a reasonable price so I ain't complaining here. Still looking for an idea.

The Sony Playstation Shop which was the last project I worked on is finally launched today. I am very sorry to say that it runs like a dog (not anybody's fault except Commerce Server 2002 requiring a huge beast of a server to run efficiently) and some of the original functionality has been ripped out. The design is a bit off target here. Is is necessary to have a load of menus that drop down to PSOne and PS2, maybe it could have been done a different way. It's quite bare in places but at least the required bundles are working. I know the guys on the team worked hard to get it going.


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