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Somebody left this morning on that morning train
Highly peeved at the failure of the University to get it's act together. I am still waiting on my ID card which is also my NUS card and passport to all things discounted and reduced hassle. Anyway treated myself with a single magazine purchase (200th issue of Blueprint) and at least my latest set of photos didn't let me down.

In order to stop me from going off on one like Phil Mitchell from Eastenders I made some banana and honey bread buns, even my flatmates were impressed with them. Only a hint of banana and sticky touch of honey. You know what, I get a lot of enjoyment from cooking and making stuff yet I'm in the computing lark. Wouldn't be able to stand the heat in the kitchen anyway, especially seeing my parents making a living from cooking.

Bath Film Festival is coming in a few weeks time. Look forward to late night screening of The Wicker Man and Mulholland Drive.


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