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Speak up my drooges, can yee not see with thy glassies
Missed yesterday's blog entry as I was watching A Clockwork Orange last night which went on into the wee hours. I have never actually seen it but have read the book. It was yes, very violent, very disturbing in parts, but extremely well made, the set design is amazing, soundtrack and choreography perfect. Mark Kermode was right, I will never see Singing In The Rain quite in the same light ever again. It reminds me of 1984 and the way they tried to 'cure' people through torture and fiddling with your mind. I can see why people have taken the film the wrong way though.

It has started to get extremely cold around here. It never stopped raining the whole day yesterday. The house is really damp (wallpaper peeling, posters falling down) from not having any central heating and having a big room will make it very hard to keep warm. It's going to be gloves and hats indoors from now on.


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