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I love buses and mx
So my first full day doing work experience at a Web company in Bath. Being very small and not much technical experience I was left to help them with some Actionscripting coding. It's the first time I have used Flash MX and the new Actionscripting functions. I was pretty impressed with the features of Flash MX, having used Flash 5 and thought the tool palettes a complete mess. Dynamic Flash charting doesn't require much animation just a load of code. I'm going to use less of my new found creative knowledge in this job. Hopefuly I will do enough to justify some pay.

Tell you what though, it's blowing a gale down here right now. I spent 30 minutes waiting for the bus back home along with 50 other people. When it finally did arrive the driver went off for 10 minutes and we were all wet and suffering from symtoms of hypothermia. First Buses are a real load of crap. It's worst than in Manchester the transport here. I'm glad I didn't buy a bus pass as I'd be really frustrated.

We got out recycling bin today after 5 weeks of pestering the council and making the house look like it's a hoard for beer bottles and newspapers. It is going to take us five weeks to get rid of the backlog.


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