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You need to say 'hello' to maintain a relationship
It was unbelievably gusty yesterday extending into this morning. I almost got blown away by the force of the wind when out doing some shopping. A blurly atmosphere was around the place as Bath City hosted their FA Cup fourth round qualifying match with Yeovil Town. From the cheers of the few thousand strong supporters I think Bath won (actually they drew 1-1). Read the match report.

Currenly reading up on communication theory. Very interesting it is too learning about the redundant nature of language and how it aids recognition. Something that has to be taken highly in consideration when developing multimedia.

For those of you who don't read The Editor supplement in the Saturday Guardian a link to a nice way of reading poetry. The imagery reinforces the language and gives a better sense of the poem. Whether or not it can be used to convey a different meaning from the original remains to be seen.

This is also a great site I Used To Believe. Some great stories of what kids used to believe, submitted unashamedly by grown-ups.


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