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The sun don't shine on me
Wow, first day at University and it brings back memories of first days at school. They had free wine and crisps and the introductory talk was very brief. Then the go round and 'what's your name and background' introduction thing that everyone dreads even though they'd probably done it a dozen times before. Only about 15 people on the course with people from a diverse range of backgrounds - maths, theatre design, fine art, sound engineering etc.. Most seem to be in their twenties and had already been working already before embarking on the course. All seem like a good bunch of people and look forward to doing the course with them. We have 24/7 access to the new multimedia studios using a special key which is nice so I will look forward to making good use of the eMacs.

Also the first time I get caught in the rain in Bath I forget to pack my raincoat or umbrella. It's quite scary that the bus shelters have adverts warning you to Be prepared for flooding. I can see why there might be a problem, long periods withour rain and then everything including the bucket comes down which means the water just flows over rather than into the earth.. The walk back from the University completely soaked me but for once I wasn't that bothered, from now on things will be different.


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