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Can you hear me?
I hate milk, well milk in cartons on it's side with the caps not screwed on tightly and leaking anyway. This meant I had to have milky bacon and milky spinach cheese salad last night. Then it started to rain very heavily. Still managed to venture to the pub to meet up with the rest of the housemates after clearing up the mess. Porters vegetarian pub is quite nice, it had a good atmosphere, not too loud music and sold Budvar. The thing we have found is that there are no cheap places to have a drink in the centre of Bath. It makes some bars in Manchester seem very reasonable. Anyway we ventured to The Roundhouse where we discussed all manner of things from Tipping the Velvet (nope I have not seen the series yet) to the songs we used to sing at school(remember singing 'Football Crazy', 'Right Said Fred', 'Lady Madonna'). Roundhouse was bright and not very busy, probably due to the expensive prices in there. They had some sort of amateur breakdancing competition and extreme BMX biking show on TV but managed to play Inspiral carpet's Dragging Me Down on their sound system. We finished off at the abysmal Rat and Parrot. A typical scally pub with very loud bad music and dodgy clientele. Played some fun drinking games in there to while away the time and then all staggered home.

So the milk was leaking once again all over my food in the fridge. Need to get this sorted and buy smaller bottles of milk. Pretty good day at the Oxfam shop. That coat I had my eye on from last week was still there. Don't know if it would be to hot and heavy for the mild winters we have here. Lots of work fiddlying about with creating PDF files now.


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