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Question, can you hear the sound they are making?
Oops bad till management meant I lost a quid for Oxfam. I'm usually really careful, my mind must have been elsewhere today. Jacob at the shop is very new age hippy-ish and what probably most people would describe as working for Oxfam. Joined the local library too, it's quite strange as to get to it you have to walk through a mini shopping arcade up the first floor past coffee shops and restaurants. Absolutely blazing sunshine in Bath, it's so warm no wonder people aren't buying the Autumn stock. Saw a great three-quarter length brown leather coat with black wool lining, I was thinking that it would be a great match for the Russian spy camera. In the end brought a t-square even though I have stopped my record label. Perfect for marking record sleeves for cutting.

If you are around London in November get tickets for some of the Further Beyond Nashville gigs that is happening at the London Barbican. Will Oldham/Sparklehorse and Calexico are going to be the highlights. All write brilliant songs.

Got a text message from someone saying they are

coming down to Bath in December
. Now I don't know the phone number, the person didn't put their name in the message. I am getting a bit creeped out. Who know's my mobile number and where I live that I don't know!!!

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