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Shake me down
I wrote this yesterday then the phone line was hogged so am posting it this morning.

Well yesterday(Sunday) was the first real early night I have had in weeks. Still didn't manage to get a good nights sleep. Felt really groggy when I was swimming. Made some walnut and apricot bread although it's a bit too dry for my liking, should go well with some soup though. Also saw Amélie over the weekend, a heartwarming tale of a girls road to be helpful to everyone by doing good deeds. It's humorous, quirky, immmediately French and wonderfully shot. You never seem to know what the point of the film is until quite a bit of the way in and then you find out it's essentially one girls quest to finding true love.

Again not sure what happened to today, lot's of time spent sorting out some audio files. Good news though, I think I can convert my current account back to being a student account. You know what that means, an interest free overdraft. Going to seriously need it next term after I have paid all of my course fees. So there I was saving money photocopying a few chapters from a book when a guy comes up and says "That's not contravening copyright laws is it?". Gave me a bit of a fright, good job it was at the local Spar and not in the library.

The rain was so hard last night I really did think that it was going to flood. One of those horrible nights you wake up to hard rain pattering on the windows. The glass is so thin in this house it wouldn't surprise me if it shattered. No sign of the dark clouds this morning though. At least there were no earthquakes unlike in Manchester. Read about earthquakes in manchester here.


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