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Top banana penguins
Well I am getting pretty restless now, exactly one week till I move, can't wait for. Yesterday I packed a suitcase just full of t-shirts. The suit case was a very stylish retro leather one that I found in the attic belonging to my dad. They don't make or design them like they used to anymore without costing an arm and a leg. The t-shirts, well let's just say I have many, in fact far too many.

It's been raining in Manchester making it quite humid but in general the weather has been nice. If anyone is thinking of seeing Insomnia then I would recommend it. The atmosphere of the film along with great performances from Pacino, Williams, Swank all make it quite creepy and really sucks you in. A nice surprise with the actress who plays Abby from ER popping up in it too.

I got a really nice letter about my record label the other day which you can read here. Made me feel good about owning putting out releases.

One last thing, Top Banana flavoured Penguin chocolate bars, not good.


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