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The king of bring
I think now my room is complete and I am no longer going to buy more things for it. Went to the Victoria Art Galleries, they had a Ben Hartley retrospective which was intriguing. He was quite a reclusive man educated at Manchester Grammar School and the Royal College Of Art. His sketched reminded me of LS Lowry and he made some fantastic cards for his friends.

Forgot to write about a new game called Perudo which is supposedly an ancient Inca game using dice where basically you have to bluff and raise stakes. If you don't believe what a player has said you shout 'Dudo' (don't shout 'dildo' like one of my housemates though). It's a little bit complicated but you can read about Perudo here. It's a good laugh.

I do feel that Liverpool FC aren't going to go anywhere in Europe this season.


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I believe LFC are poo too!!!

Doing to the Dam on Saturday for my birthday!!!

I'll mail you when i get back

Posted by Andy @ 09/26/2002 11:40 AM GMT

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